Goyard St. Louis White

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  1. Hey everybody! :smile: I am considering buying a Goyard St. Louis tote from Paris... :biggrin: I emailed both of the stores in Paris and am waiting for their replies. I have decided to buy the PM tote but haven't decided on the color yet. My friends said white looks very nice but I am afraid that it is very easy to get dirty. Does anybody have the white tote? Does your bag need tons of care? My main purpose for this bag is school/work so it is important that the bag is durable. My another choice is black with tan straps. I think it looks very classic but it might be too dark. I am currently a college student and looking for a bag to use in summer for traveling and summer job. :biggrin: Okay, thanks everybody in advance!!!:smile: Please let me know what you guys think! Also, if you have pictures, please post them as well. I will really appreciate it. :heart:
  2. If you search through this forum, you will see lots of pix of members who purchased St. Louis's in multiple colors.
  3. White gets dirty super easily. I would pick another color.
  4. Thanks guys! I've searched through this forum but I realized very few people have white bags... :S I will keep looking through :P I think I should get a darker color too...
  5. I love the white one on Cameron Diaz.
    Made me wanna get the white one in Fidji.
  6. I'm looking into the St. Louis too (black w/tan handles perhaps racing stripe with initials :smile:)....I'm debating that or a Louis Vuitton. What size did you order? What is the cost from Paris? Shipping cost? Thx.
  7. i haven't ordered yet... I am waiting for their reply. :P I will let you know once they reply me. :smile: The LV neverfull? I think too many people have it... so St. Louis should be a better choice. :smile:
  8. Please post how much have you paid for the bag as I am considering getting one too. Do you think it would be cheaper if I ask somebody in Paris to buy one for me and then have it shipped? Thanks!
  9. I got my st Louis GM in white. Used for few days now. So far so good. I have seen some posts saying white doesn't get dirty that easy. But we have to see. I love the white color though!!
  10. I have a white one in PM size. I had it for over a year and I LOVE it! :smile:
    I'm pretty rough on my bags and I don't think it really gets "dirty." Besides, you can always wipe things off with a baby wipe. For me, it's been the best summer (March ~ October) bag ever! I may get another one in navy or black in the future, but for now, I'm very happy with my white.
  11. I am actually thinking about buying a white Jeanne MM as a summer bag!! Glad to read that many think that the white goyard isn't too hard to be kept clean.
  12. I just got a st louis pm in white last thursday, so far so good and I am loving her!

  13. Gorgeous modeling pic. thanks for sharing

  14. I emailed Goyard's Paris stores and they replied me! They said the St. Louis tote PM would be 545 euros plus an all inclusive shipping fee of 150 euros...
    The PM tote used to be 485 euros but they increased its price on April 1st, which is like a week ago... For the GM one, it used to be 570 euros before the price increase and I am not sure how much it is not. And you have to pay the 150 euros of shipping fee if you order it from one of the Paris stores. I think it will be cheaper if you ask your friend to buy it for you in Paris and then send it to you! Sorry for this late reply! Hope it helps!! :smile:
  15. your bag looks so pretty!!! :smile: thanks for sharing with us! where did you get it? do you know if there's any place in asia I can find goyard bags? (i see that you live in singapore :P)
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