Goyard St Louis Tote Wear and Durability?

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  1. I know I'm late but I was reading this thread and thinking the same thing after she made such a big deal about someone else's comments...LOLLLL too funny. Didn't realize this blog could be so hilarious
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  2. Wow! That's amazing to hear. I'm seriously thinking of getting one, but the wear and tear posts on this thread are so opposite from one another! When I purchase one, I hope it lasts for as long and holds up as well as your friend's
  3. Do you recommend a particular sales associate at this location?
  4. beautiful!
  5. Clumsy me knocked over a full tall glass of Long Island ice tea right into my St. Louis. I mopped up what I could with paper napkins. When I got home I sponged the entire bag with hot water inside and out, dried it inside out and happy to report its perfect.......not one stain.
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  6. wow that is fantastic. good to know and so glad it worked out.
  7. I purchased my St. Louis PM less than 2 weeks ago and I'm getting a little concerned about the stitching and corners' durability. Mind you, I've used it everyday for the past 10 days, have never set it in the floor, and am relatively careful with all my purses. I know I'm being super picky, but I'm already starting to see wear at the corners (which right now is ever-so-slight, but just imagine it a year from now) and some stitching is coming undone? I don't really know what's happening but it's pretty annoying after having spent so much on this bag. I have LVs that I've used consistently for 5+ years that have minimal wear. See pictures below and let me know that you think [emoji29] 1461730158366.jpg 1461730168388.jpg 1461730201878.jpg 1461730232508.jpg

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  8. I have the same bag and I find the same thing with the stitching...I definitely think my damier neverfull is more durable but I still LOVE my Goyard and plan on getting more. I really love that you just don't see them everywhere. I am crazy about taking care of my bags so I totally get that it bugs you LOL

  9. I feel the same exact way as you do about Goyard. I am IN LOVE with my St. Louis despite the fact that the wear-and-tear is not that great. I love carrying the St. Louis since not that many people have it. It's also very light and comfortable to wear. I'm already saving up for a grey one :sweatdrop:

    I should also not compare LV with Goyard because they are completely different in my eyes. In short, if you're looking for something to last with heavy wear, go for LV. If you're looking for something different that not too many people have and that doesn't scream a brand name, go for Goyard. I feel fancier when I wear the St. Louis. I love it so much that I'm willing to accept the poor wear-and-tear. Not sure if that makes sense at all :amuse:
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  10. I want the grey one next too LOL I totally agree with everything you said :smile: I was carrying my Godard and a woman stopped me and said how she loved the St. Louis tote. I instantly knew she was a purse addict like me if she could spot a Goyard LOL because you never see them where I am. Also its nice to change things up a bit since I really have been fixated on LV for most of my purses...I did buy a Birkin that I adore! I feel that LV, Goyard,Hermes and Chanel are my favourite designer bags. I sold my chanel bags years ago and now Im kicking myself for doing that!
  11. I have blue, burgundy, dark green, and grey Goyard St Louis, originally got the blue to carry as a baby bag. Now a year and 3 month later, I added 3 more colors to my collection and two (black and beige) for my mother-in-law. Absolutely love it. We travel extensively, for the baby it is country number 10 :smile: and I also work on my PhD in Vienna, so globe trotters all the way. It is the best bag ever, carries a lot and holds up pretty well. My baby bag had straps crack a little, but it is constantly attached to a hook on a stroller and I put everything and then some for my baby and me into it. I would definitely recommend it as an everyday bag. I take a look at the Chanel's I have and I wonder when will I ever want to carry a heavier bag instead of this light weight.
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  12. So funny to see this thread still alive after all these years!

    My Goyard St. Louis GM totes have all held up quite well for me.

    And when I took some of them on trips/on the plane etc, I definitely stuffed them cos I like to carry my own blanket on the plane and a jacket and small toiletry bag too...

    While I am very OCD about all my stuff (I bring the dustbag for all my bags on travel and even the Goyard with everything inside of it goes in the Goyard dustbag when it goes thru the TSA belt scan and if I put it under the seat on the plane or in the overhead compartments...it also stays in the dustbag.

    I'm actually thinking of getting a white one next...tho it would be cool to see them re-release that pink from years ago or some other fun/pop colors
  13. I am truly amazed with how you take care of your Goyard when you are travelling! I use my Goyard Boeing frequently for traveling and my heart almost break when the security officer simply pushed it through the belt scan and roller beneath it! My poor Boeing suffered corner wear as a result. I should learn from you to carry the dustbag around.
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  14. Haha, there's good and bad to being this way tho lol...but I treat all my things the same whether it's from F21 or Hermes.

    But yah...I always bring a dustbag to protect the bag I'm carrying and then I put them (handbag already inside the dustbag) into a bin at the TSA security check area...and I try to put my jacket inside the handbag if possible or I turn it inside out and put it on top of my laptop sleeve that's inside a plastic bin too ❤️
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