Goyard St Louis Tote Wear and Durability?

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  1. Yellow sounds so pretty!!! Can you post a pic?
  2. It is still in the box, but I plan on using it tomorrow and will post.
  3. My new baby. I was very bad. I also purchased the Boeing 45.

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  4. Oh wow! Like a ray of pure sunshine! Congrats. :smile:
  5. Love!!
  6. Thank you!,!!!
  7. Gorgeous:smile:
  8. St. Louis is such a great tote, and the color is so summery and cheerful! Enjoy!
  9. Hi! Lovely bag and cute dog! 😊 just wondering what color this is; is this burgundy or red?
    I'm trying to decide on what color to get; black, burgundy, or red? Have you seen the red? Is it bright red or dark red? Would appreciate a reply from you 😊 thanks!
  10. That's a lovely color – congrats!
  11. its Burgandy- pefect color for the fall and autumn - i use navy blue for spring summer and green as a grocery tote. I have that burgangy bag for about 10 years now and it had held up very well. i wold get red it screams im carry a goyard- go with subtile colors and if you do black its 30 percent less than the colored one. that being said, if you invest in a goyard go for a color that you like as the bag will go with any outfit or useage...
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    I'm really concerned about the wear ability of current Godards.

    I have a small navy St Louis bought at least five years ago in Paris and it is wearing wonderfully with absolutely no care. I had always planned on getting a second in the large size but now lI'm very concerned that it just won't be as sturdy as the one I currently own. I know a large St Goyard will get a lot more abuse but from what I'm reading on tpf mist people aren't too impressed with the quality.

    However when we travel and get the opportunity to buy another I'll probably get another St Louis regardless as I've bought a lot of other large shippers recently but none have the style and panache of Goyard.
  13. Hi! I just wanted to know how is your yellow tote holding up? I have a black/tan one for 2 yrs now and I wanted to buy a yellow.. is it as sturdy as your black?
  14. I'm loving it. It's just as durable as the black.

  15. Just happened to see this while browsing thru my past posts. Wherever you are, we'd appreciate to see your beautiful collection that keeps everyone drooling for 6 long years!