Goyard St Louis Tote Wear and Durability?

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    I've had mine for almost 10 years and I use it for grocerys, going to the beach, or carrying my dog in the bag to the vet or dog park in the winter.

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  2. Does the St. Louis have a side seam like the Neverfull has on each side? I can't really tell from the pics. Thanks in advance!

  3. No, the bag dose not have side seam like neverfull bags from LV. That being said; are you going to use it as it was originally designed for, a beach tote, grocery tote, or as a daily use bag. If you look inside the bag it is not have the signature Yellow like all the other goyard products. If you want to have a "neverfull bag" get the larger of the St Louis. The bag can take a beating and heavy load of grocerys. I took some pictures of mine I hope it help.

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  4. So the bag does have like a split in the material but it's only on one side? Sorry for asking so many questions, just trying to understand the design :smile: So instead of the split being on both sides like the Neverfull, it's only on one side?

    Thanks for the pics btw!
  5. that is adorable. thanks for posting.
  6. It's on both side have it - the bag would look awkward if it was only one side it would look like triangle from The top looking down at it.
  7. So, my 4 yr old light blue St. Louis GM's corners has started to get bad. The handles have chipped a couple of yrs ago and I accept that but the corners! All 4 of them. This is bad. It seems like the paint has just started to come off but it is very concerning. I LOVE my Goyard and cannot live without it. I use it a lot and twice a week carry a laptop with it also (and that will stop now, I am not going to over stuff my Goyard anymore).

    I purchased it from BG so I will make a trip to the store sometime soon.

    Just so I have an idea, does anyone know how much is it to replace the handles? Does the Goyard do the leather reinforcements? I quickly searched online and found at least 2 websites that offers to do this. If Goyard does that, how much does it cost?

  8. I have a 2 year old Goyard St. Louis & my corners are also wearing. I emailed the SA at Barney's that sold it to me. She said they send it to a local repair shop to have leather reinforcements placed on the corners. It's $145. I don't know about the handles. I'm not having problems with my handles yet.
  9. By far the way, do you still like the light blue color? Even though the corners are wearing, I love the bag & want another one. Crazy I know. I can't decide between the gray, light blue or yellow.
  10. Never thought about using the St. Louis as a pet carrier! Super cute picture... and I adore your red St. Louis!
  11. Been said and will say it again..how awful that Goyard doesnt even have it's own people for repairs.
  12. I do not see any fading at all - i still love the light blue color!
  13. Hi! how would a st louis gm compare with a LV Neverfull ? I am debating getting rid of my NF GM now that I have a St. Louis Gm, but I want to make sure that it can hold the weight of my 13" macbook air, and several books, or if I can load it up like I can my Neverfull. Thank you!
  14. I recently traded in my DE Neverfull GM for a Saint Louis GM, but that was only because I couldn't justify owning such similar bags and I like the softer leather handles on the SL and the chevron print. However, if you're going to carry heavy items like a Macbook, I wouldn't recommend the SL. It's a very lightweight and sturdy tote, but I don't think it's meant to carry heavy things. The canvas is much thinner than the Neverfull. I would definitely not load up my SL like I did my Neverfull. HTH!
  15. I load my St. Louis with everything and the kitchen sink. Books, laptop etc. I use it as my work tote and no problems at all. I just got another gm today. Yellow for the summer. I've had my black gm for three years and it gets regular use and no issues.