Goyard St Louis Tote Wear and Durability?

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  1. Hi guys!
    Anybody still buying these totes? I know there were some pretty bad issues on quality couple years back...but Im curious how tthe quality is now. Maybe someone here has a recently or at least last year acquired item...I would love to hear how it's holding up.
    Im a huge fan of totes and am eyeing the St. Louis ...
  2. The Artois has reinforced corners. I have tons of longchamps and they do eventually wear through on the corners but the Artois looks like it can take quite a lot of wear and tear.heres a Pic

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  3. If you do buy the St. Louis make sure to get the reinforced corners. They make the bag look 1,000 times better and the corners usually won't wear through as fast.
  4. I may just be lucky, but I have never ever experienced this handle cracking problem. I have 5 St. Louis totes - one GM and the rest PM and have had them for at least 4 years now. I use my GM a lot, but I will say that I don't put laptop computers in them or anything. I usually carry a wallet, a scarf, sunglasses, a small umbrella, a water bottle, an iPad mini, keys, phone, and a makeup bag. Sometimes I put things I buy at the farmers' market in the bag too, but not bags of oranges or anything huge like that.
  5. Also, forgot to mention it, but check out the Faure le Page thread if you're looking for an alternative daily tote. They're under the radar right now and hence, at a much better price. I just got a Daily Battle tote and it is spacious and extremely well-made, with reinforced leather corners and a different strap design that is supposedly not prone to the same cracking issue. Apparently, Faure le Page is huge in France, but since it's not carried in any US stores, has only been spotted by TPF members on a few occasions in the US. A different look, but if you're concerned about longevity, it might be worth exploring.
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  6. Wow thanks for the pic! Im a huge Longchamp fan too. I love totes and lightweight ones at that.

    Thank you LVMK. :smile:

    I more or less carry the same stuff, mostly less! Thank you :smile:
  7. Ive actually had the chance to look at one up close and it does seem more durable. However, the colors just looked a bit too nondescript for me - and me with a lot of neutrals at that ;) and the logo print made my head swim for some reason I dont know why...so its a battle between a Black or Blue St. Louis and another Neverfull right now.

    Thank you so much for your input. :smile:
  8. Any updates on the St Louis tote? I wanna buy a yellow one in PM size but wondering how would it held up through time.
  9. I've owned a St. Louis PM since August 2014, so not quite a year, but almost! It's held up EXTREMELY well. I use it about 4 days a week. I carry my cell phone, wallet, ipad mini, sunglasses, car keys, scarf or sweater, waterbottle and sometimes a granola bar. The only complaint I have is that it sags a little bit on the bottom when I don't have anything as support. Usually, putting my scarf or sweater on the bottom helps with this, other times I've just put in a rectangular piece of cardboard (curve the corners though).

    Hope I helped!
  10. where is a good shop to buy online that is trustworthy for these bags
  11. fashionphile.com - it's a preloved website, but they usually list them for more than retail. i would call barneys or bergdorfs if i were you.
  12. Goyard does not do e-commerce- so buyer beware. It's best to just locate a Barney's or BG - Phylis at BG is very nice but Sheryl at Barney's has the hook up. Last resort go to a Goyard Store- there are many opening up.NEVER buy on e-bay unless you can ask the seller to give you the store where they bought it from and their name it should be in their system or the bag number will be listed...
  13. If you're in SoCal, Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills has a pretty extensive selection as well, and their customer service is amazing!
  14. Next time call the store and introduce yourself then move on to Emailing - they get so many e-mails its hard for them to respond to everything. I just bought my Navy blue Victoria from the HK store and it was transferred from their Beijing store- since that color was a limited addition color called all of the goyard stores in the world. Jason Yu the manager of the HK store helped me track down one and i flew from NY to HK to get it. Blah blah blah, that being said call first.
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