Goyard St Louis Tote Wear and Durability?

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  1. possibly. because I do not exaggerate - this bag could not be any less babied. it sits on the ground, it sits in the sand, it gets smooshed into lockers, it carries gigantor law textbooks, my laptop.. gym crap.. I don't baby my bags in general but this one I particularly relegated to workhorse status simply because of its size and foldability etc.. thinking it would get grimey.

    alas, no. it's still very white.. no yellowing. as another poster said of course it's not as crisp as the day I got it but certainly isn't cracked or anything. just a bit worn and loved, but otherwise in excellent condition. not even dirt marks or worn paint which shocks me. I actually post about it often even in other subforums because specifically my mom made such a fuss about the cost of this bag compared to its relative lack of substantial feeling (and of course it being white and she felt, ridiculous) - when she bought it for me for christmas one year .. and years later she and I both marvel at how it's held up better than any luxury bag I've purchased. apart from maybe my chanel jumbo. which is basically an indestructible torpedo. another testament of past high(est) quality compared to its newer goods.
  2. Absolutely NOT! I just bought about 6 totes St. Louis and they are no different than my other ones. I think the issue is within a particular poster on this thread. That is the problem.:tdown::tdown::tdown::tdown::lol:
  3. While there is no doubt that the St. Louis straps have a tendency to crack and split (my SA at Barneys didn't deny it), I think that the problem is an old one and has nothing to do with newer versions. As my SA put it, when you buy a St. Louis, you accept that problem. :biggrin:
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  4. I just stumbled across this thread (re: straps) - I bought a black tote from Bergdorf's and the straps cracked horribly after 2 months of normal use (to and from work) - Bergdorf's was wonderful (fabulous customer service!) with giving me my money back and they did say this is known to happen, but it happened fairly quickly on my bag... If you are going to buy this bag and are worried about this happening, my 2 cents is BG will give you better customer service than Barney's on this issue.
  5. So many of your posts contradict one another. Just sayin....:nogood::tdown:
  6. That could be a possibility since it is now more main stream.
  7. How old is your oldest St. Louis? How many do you have? Do you wear them often or seldom?
  8. I bought a blue St. Louis PM last month and have used it about 5 times, pretty loaded up and so far so good. I really love this bag! I would definitely want the handles replaced if that ever was needed...

    ...so does anyone know if Goyard would replace the handles? Any ideas how much that might cost?
  9. Goyard will definitely replace handles. I'm not too sure how much it would cost though. Their prices on this sort of thing seem to vary.
  10. Good luck finding a NF Rayures in the store- esp. the GM- these issued around the first of the year and have pretty much sold out. I know because I was on the waitlist for the GM since last summer 2011. It was a limited edition- one shot. The PM was not as popular because of the way the unique striped pattern comes together on the PM NF- the stripes do not quite line up which cannot be helped. You may be able to find the PM in the store. The GM goes for WAY over retail on ebay now.

    I have to confess that I have wanted a Goyard St. Louis GM for YEARS but have refrained because of what I have read here on the PF and from what I was told at Barney's- that these are not intended to be workhorse totes. The cracking on the straps is scary to me. I have had success with the LV NF- they are supposed to hold up to 400 lbs. I was told you can carry a shetland pony in one which seems a bit hyperbolic but then again I don't go around carting my shetland pony in my purse!

  11. My oldest is several years old and it's traveled the world. I've never encountered one problem. EVER. I now have over 70 pieces of Goyard.​
  12. I was wondering because I came across a thread where you mentioned that you just bought your first Goyard, ever, in 2011. I was under the impression that you had extensive experience with this brand (maybe I misread something). Anyway, please post pics of them so that we can all admire your collection.
  13. Yes that is correct. I bought numerous pieces within a short span. You don't have to wait a year or more to acquire many pieces. KWIM.I do have extensive knowledge on the brand. I'm not sure I understand your correlation between new and knowledge. If you read all my posts regarding Goyard, you'd know and understand the information I have as of today:biggrin:

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    Over 70 Pieces of Goyard since May of 2011 - WOW!! KWIM? With that kind of collection (and your extensive collection of Bal bags), it's remarkable that there aren't lots of photos of your Goyard collection - beyond the pink St. Louis recently posted.

    I've read a lot of your posts regarding Goyard and am still waiting for a photo of the location of the numbers on a St. Louis. (I'm not saying that there aren't any, just that I've scoured mine and can't find them anywhere and you suggest that you know where they are.)
  15. anyone have issues with the dotted goyard paint coming off or fading?
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