Goyard St Louis Tote Wear and Durability?

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  1. Well.. Well... PinkSuadeSoho, I'm not at all looking.. It's just there!! I've had LV's, Prada's, YSL's, Givenchy's, Chanel's, and all the other stuff, all of which I loved and am happy with. So, who would know that the handles of this piece of vinyl would crack and peel off?! You seem offended by what I've said about the bag? Well then, I'll just wait for my daughter to have a baby, have the nanny carry it and use it as a BABY BAG.. Hope you're now happy that I'm not anymore trashing it? :smile:

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  2. image-1037070919.jpg

    So, PinkSuadeSoho... Am I looking for it or it is quite obviously and irritatingly there? It's not even a year old and I seldom use it... I also have an LV NF but it's nothing like this and I've had it for almost 5 years? My daughter uses it to carry her books and MacBook... :smile:

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  3. So you're saying that you rarely use the bag, you bought it brand new, and carry it lightly, and this is what happens? I'd think that if this was the norm, the company would have a real problem on their hands. The bag looks like it's in terrible condition, not just the handles...
    I'm certain if you have the receipt, Goyard would be happy to help. Also, start a new thread as this is hijacking. I'll refrain from further comments, I can see it's a waste of my time.
  4. Do you guys think that the cracking was because of the weather too?

  5. Oh my! This is such a sad sight. My friend has the yellow one for 2 years, uses it every single day, but still looks fine. She carries an iPad and an 11" MacBook.

  6. Yes, I'm new here and was sharing my thoughts and experience on a thread regarding the durability of Goyard. Yes, I bought mine brand new at Barney's, had it for less than a year, hardly carried it since the cracks showed. Yes, I never overstuff my bag because obviously I can see that it cannot handle heavy things. Yes, I brought the bag back to the store after a week or so of using it, and, yes, I was told by the SA that the cracks are to be expected and that it is caused by normal wear. Now, I just find it embarrassing to continue using the bag, and was once even told by a colleague that the sealant are peeling off. How does that have anything to do with having only one ID here at tPF? Well, for now, the bag will sit in my closet and for those whose Goyards' handles and sealants didn't crack or peel-off, I'm happy for you... Btw, I have also emailed Goyard and has sent pictures last year but have yet to hear from them. So, if you think you're wasting your time from making further comments why then should you send a private message? Just saying... Hope you don't take offense with the several posts I made regarding MY bag. Thank you and good day!

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  7. Hi xtnxtnxtn, the exact same thing happened to my bag two years ago. I brought the bag back to Barneys BH store and they sent the bag to Paris to repair. It was free but took them around 8 months to do so. They replaced it with a new one.
  8. Thanks heren, I think I'll have to send mine to the store, too. Thanks! Last I emailed them I was told that the cracks are to be expected because of normal wear, but it's not the case considering that I rarely use the bag. Anyway, thanks for the info.

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  9. Orledanirt, I'm not quite certain about that because I guess everyone who posted on this thread came from pretty much everywhere and by far are experiencing the same predicament so I must say it really has to do with the bag. My friend has a yellow one but hers has only slight cracks, not as much as mine yet she uses it more often than I do.... :sad:

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  10. Don't you think that it's quite an expensive bag and yet it can be so flimsy? :sad:

    Now, I am leaning to this thought that the Neverfull is sturdier than the St. Louis. what do you think?

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  11. I have both bags, the SL has been with me for a year and the NF which my daughter uses now was bought like 5-6 years ago. I can rarely use my Goyard as I'm planning to send it back to Paris next week for repair. I'll go for a NF, there's a new model in two-tone mono.... Nice! :smile:

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  12. Two tone? The Rayures? :smile:

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  13. image-3311314834.jpg

    Yes, just a little more than the regular NF... :smile:

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  14. same. my white goyard of about 5 years is near perfect, and I use it for travel, as a beach bag, and every day during summers. best investment ever.
  15. Mine is about the same age and I have not had a problem either. Do we think the newer bags are being made more cheaply or something?