Goyard St. Louis tote questions

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  1. I'm considering purchasing one to use as a bag to hold all the stuff that I need for me three kids. Does anyone know if it stiff enough to stand on it's own? I was considering this bag or a LV batignolles horizontal...any advice between the two?
  2. I just bought a st louis, the GM and i love it. i carry all of my stuff in it including my laptop (which is pretty heavy) and it is great! I love this bag:tup:
  3. Hi Sue, I have the St Louis PM size and while the bag is softer than the BH, it does stand on its own. The top may flop over a bit if the bag isn't full, but I don't find it to be a problem. By the way, I have 3 kids as well and find this tote pretty useful for when I have them all with me. It is certainly lighter weight than the BH, and the attached purse comes in handy as well.