Goyard St Louis Question

  1. Can someone who has an authentic Goyard St Louis tell me whether the pouch/wallet inside the bag has a silver button with "G" stamped on it or is it painted the same color as the bag?
  2. Mine has a silver button with a "G" engraved on it.
  3. Yes, it does.
  4. okay so does mine. whew.
  5. where did you buy your goyard?
  6. i received it as a gift. i checked the website out though and all the pouches have a painted button and got scared. i was pretty sure it was authentic but still making sure.
  7. The newer St. Louis have the silver button closure. The older ones have a colored button (leather I believe...) same as the bag.
  8. So if it has a leather-covered button, it's not necessarily a fake??

    I just picked up a large St. Louis tote at a consignment store for an unbelievable price. It's definitely several years old. What other signs of authenticity should I look for?

  9. If you don't mind me asking - what were you able to buy it for??

    And I hope people answer re; authenticating in case I get luck and come across something like that.
  10. Hi! Does any1 know whether the Goyard Croisiere 35cm comes with a padlock and key when purchased at the boutique?
    -D from Malaysia-