Goyard St Louis PM - Shoulder Bag

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  1. Hi

    Sorry if this question has already been answered.

    I've wanted a St Louis tote for ages now - I love the pattern, the style, everything.

    I went to London in March this year (I live at the very north of England, so it's a 4 hour trip to get to the store) and was determined to make a purchase. I said 'I want a PM' and the SA just said 'here it is but you won't be able to fit it on your shoulder, so you'll have to wear it as a tote bag'.

    Honestly, she was a little abrupt and I think that sort of threw me a little bit... I'm not usually intimidated in stores but I was on this occasion!

    I tried the bag on and she was right, it did feel tight on my shoulder by not necessarily unwearable. I tried the GM on (straight out of the cupboard, so it was very flat and big and completely empty!) and it felt huge on my frame (5'5" and a UK 10/12).

    Long story short, I'd hoped to try the bags on properly and put my things inside, have a proper look but the SA was a little too blunt for me so I didn't feel comfortable to do that. I ended up not buying anything but I still have a longing to add one to my collection! I have 3 x Neverfulls and 2 x Saint Laurent totes, so I know I love the style but I would need it to work as a shoulder bag.

    So, my questions are; do you have a SL PM and can you comfortably carry it over your shoulder? If you couldn't at first, do the straps stretch out over time and make it possible later? If you have a GM and a similar frame to me, could you post some mod shots so I can see if it is as big as it felt when I tried it on?

    Sorry for the ridiculously long post - this is the only bag I've ever passed on buying but then desperately still wanted! I'm planning another London trip in a couple of weeks, so I'm trying to do a little more research before I go this time! :smile:


    Aimee x
  2. I believe you really need to try on instead of listening to SA. I am 5’5, and US size 6/8, close to your figure. I have both PM and GM. For PM, I can carry with my shoulder unless I wear winter coat, off course it doesn’t leave much space under my arm when I carry with my shoulder. Also the weight of the stuff in the bag helps a little to add little more space for the handle.
  3. The leathers don't stretch
  4. Hi

    Thanks for the reply. I wouldn't need to wear it over a winter coat - I'm thinking of going for a more summer colour. Useful to know that weight does help a little bit. I just need to be pushier next time I'm in the store and spend a bit of time I think! :smile:
  5. I have a PM, and honestly, I find it a bit tight as a shoulder bag even if I'm just wearing a t-shirt or tank top. I'm 5'8", athletic build. Mine is white so it's totally a summer bag, but if I wanted a year round bag to wear on my shoulder this wouldn't be it. I have an Artois MM and it is definitely a shoulder bag, but it's big and structured and I use it more for travel or when I need to carry lots of stuff. The St. Louis is so slouchy with stuff in it that maybe the GM could work for you? If you search this board there are definitely mod shots so you could see...
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