goyard st louis. PM or GM?

  1. what is the most practical bag of these two for everyday bag?
    i'm 5'5 but i love big bags so i don't mind either way. tia!
  2. I was going to ask the same question, and I saw this thread.
    I hope someone can answer this question...
  3. What do you carry every day? I have both sizes, but mostly use the GM for work.
  4. I rarely use open bags for a purse, I usually just put work stuff in totes...I am quite petite though 5'2 and 100 pounds.
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    ok, i was struggling with this myself....i have the pm, but it feels more like a handbag than a tote....and i carry alot, plus like to throw my gym stuff (water bottle, shoes, heart rate monitor, weight gloves, etc) into my handbag cuz i only want to carry one bag...so i just ordered the gm, it arrived today (reveal to come :graucho:) and my verdict is....GM! but I still lovoe my PM too! but they do different things function wise. the pm holds about as much as my 35 cm Birkins...jsut looks sportier. oh, i'm 5'2 and 110 lbs....

    i love the pm, but there isn't alot of room for "extras", jsut my normal purse stuff (wallet, planner, make-up bag, two pair of glasses, cell phone, receipt envelope, key case, book) . the GM is big but not enormous...and i think i prefer it as a day bag, it'll give me the "extra" room i need and when i only have my usual purse stuff it'll jsut look like an oversized bag, which i carry anyway :p i'll put up side by side comparison pics this evening shsowing the two bags, pm on one shoulder, gm on the other! Plus i'll be using it as a pool/beach bag on vacation next week!
  6. I found that the PM was a super cute size if you're just wearing a t-shirt or something, but if you're wearing a knitted sweater / coat it's a bit annoying. I'm in love with Burberry duffle coats and the GM is perfect for swinging over your shoulder even with one of those on!
    i also make my boyfriend carry my bags and the GM is more manly so he won't get so cross about it..:amuse:

    i also agree with trisha -- anything you can use to reduce the number of bags you take into work is definitely a good thing!
  7. GM! :smile:
  8. I think it all depends on how much you plan to carry, how much extra room you like to have, and what size of bag you're used to carrying. If you only carry a handful of things and don't need or like too much extra space, the PM will be plenty. However, if you like the option of being able to fit more (work stuff, sweater, flats, etc) then you might find the PM a bit small.

    I personally don't like having to cram things into my bag, and I always carry a pashmina/scarf and my Kindle in addition to my usual purse things, so I have the GM and there's plenty of space.

    There are plenty of modeling threads of both the PM and GM if you want to see how they'd look on you....
  9. One of each??!!!!:biggrin:

    I have the pm and it's perfect as an everyday handbag/tote...holds all my essentials and more...
    when i purchased it i also tried on the gm and at the time felt it was too large...however..over time i have grown to think the gm would be great too...and actually not feeling as overwelmed by the size anymore....so at
    some point in time..i'd love a gm as well....
    so it's a tough call...matter of preference and lifestyle i think...
    G/L with your decision...you'll be happy with either, as they are great classic bags that one doesn't see on everyone!!!
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    ok, i finally have taken my GM/PM comparison modeling pics.......
    for reference, i'm 5'2" and 110
    IMG00138-20100609-2059.jpg IMG00145-20100609-2105.jpg IMG00124-20100605-1802.jpg IMG00143-20100609-2104.jpg IMG00141-20100609-2103.jpg
  11. here are side by side modeling pics, i folded in the sides of the gm so you could see what it looks like this way!
    IMG00148-20100609-2111.jpg IMG00127-20100605-1806.jpg
  12. Thanks for the modeling pics~!! The GM & PM both look grand on yah~! ;)
  13. Love the blue GM...so fresh!
  14. super thanks for the pics u posted 'trishaluvslv'..i was also having trouble with the size i'll be getting aside from the color..i love ur st. louis bags!:smile:
  15. Logical. Is there any other answer really?