Goyard St. Louis less than four months old and handles cracking :(

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  1. I didn't know the leather trim cracked. I have two in my collection unfortunately lol. I had problems with the ebene cracking just after a year but my mother wanted the bag so I gave it to her. I have had the others for about a decade now and so far no issues thankfully. The problem it seems also with Goyard is that their quality is inconsistent. I have friends who have had no issues and on here TPFrs have said they have had no issues. But there have been enough other forum members who have had problems with cracking bags and enough YouTubers who have complained about cracking bags that it is apparent it is an issue. My main beef with the company is they know these handles crack yet they are doing nothing to make better handles and keep selling the bag.

  2. For longevity nothing in my experience beats Prada tessuto nylon. I treat my newer gaufres a little gentler than I do my older plain ones. Those I just wash out in the sink and hang to dry. And they still look great.
    I was researching Goyard to see if they had any single strap shoulder bags and found this thread. Suffice it to say I will search no further.
    Best of luck in resolving these issues!
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  3. You're not alone! I purchased the exact same bag and the exact same thing happened. It's completely unacceptable for this to happen to a bag you pay $1000+ for. You could buy a macbook for the same price and it would be crazy for Apple to say that after 4 months of infrequent use, it was a "natural evolution" for it to start malfunctioning.

    I love the Goyardine pattern but I love not wasting my money even more! Excellence and quality are something that have to be maintained and achieved everyday, not just in the past, but it seems like a lot of companies are content to depend on their (disappearing) "legacy" to make their sales.
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  4. Exactly! Why does Goyard think it can be held to a different standard? I've had my mac book pro for four years now with ZERO problems. And the current iPhone I own had issues one year in with the battery and the Apple Store REPLACED the phone at no charge.

    What was your experience with Goyard? Did you contact Goyard and did they also tell you they wouldn't do anything to fix the handles?

    I'll be hearing soon as to whether Goyard will resolve through one avenue I've pursued. If not, I have a second avenue I'm pursuing to get this resolved.

    I have noticed on YouTube a couple of YouTubers saying how much they want to get the St. Louis tote and how while they've heard of quality issues they have also had people tell them that their bags are fine. This made me laugh. I don't think what they realize is that when you do run into a quality issue, unless you're in a country with strong consumer protection laws you are SOL.

    I love the print too but I'm not wasting my money again on something that won't hold up. I also recently saw a post by someone on IG who had taken her Goyard on a trip to carry her Hermes birkin. On another post later on she posted her BV cabas as her travel bag explaining that the other bag was too delicate. HA!
  5. I just wanted to provide an update on the issue I'm having with Goyard on my St. Louis. They continue to refuse to do anything to resolve the cracking bag other than having me pay to replace the handles when the bag gets worse. I have also been told for the first time that the St. Louis was designed to be a beach tote and not an everyday tote. So for those of you who think this could maybe be a fun weekend bag, just realize that. My handles cracked after less than three months of LIGHT use.
  6. This is awful. More than the quality is the elitist attitude of Goyard. Shame, shame, shame on them. I knew when I purchased my St. Louis that it was considered the bottom feeder starter bag and the problems inherent with it. I also knew it was meant to be a beach bag of sorts.

    IMO, if that is what the bag is considered to be, then refer to and market it as the "St. Louis sac de plage" with an explicit warning to not expect anything more. At least with the LV Neverfull you can expect a few good years before the canvas and leather piping begin to crack. OH YEAH, to all of you in dreamland, your beloved Neverfull will ultimately go South.

    IMO, if you want a durable tote, purchase something in leather. Anyway, I have wrote off my St. Louis as my kick around bag. Not because I am by any means wealthy (full time working woman here), but because after reading so many stories such as yours I truly have no unrealistic expectations of how long this bag will last. Anything past a few years will be a pleasant surprise. My newly added personalization (initials & stripes) started peeling 3 months after application. My husband says it looks more like an iron on or silk screen than actual paint. I am going to add a few Anya Hindmarch stickers and call it a day.

    So sorry for your loss.
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  7. Had I known that the bag was just a beach bag I would not have purchased it. At the time I purchased the tote, I was not told this. I had been deciding between this one and a crossbody that was rectangular with short handles. I wish I had gotten that one instead. Goyard keeps telling me how it makes quality bags and that it cares for its customers. No, not in my experience and opinion. Thanks for sharing your experience and I am also glad i chose not to get mine painted.
  8. That's what I've been told, it's a beach bag, reversible for wet clothing.
  9. I was NEVER told this, but I'm glad I returned it the day I got it. I am perfectly happy with my 15 dollar beach bag, tyvm! I'll put that 1000+ plus elsewhere!
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  10. My SA at Mount Street London told me that. I wish I could return it, credit note only!
    I love the design of the bag but too afraid to use it, So now I've listed it! [emoji23]
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  11. Given that I have never seen anyone on YouTube refer to this as a beach bag nor any tpf posts that this is supposed to be a beach bag, if you were told this, you had a good SA. Apparently the rest of us who weren't told that this is a beach tote had lousy ones. In the latest response from Goyard they state that excessive weight can cause excessive stress on the corners. Well given that I used the bag a dozen times over less than three months and DID NOT weigh the bag down then the bag I have must be deficient. All I ever carry with me is a toiletry case which is not packed full, a small wallet, keys, and my phone. When I want a workhorse tote I carry my BV or lv tote. I was aware that the bag was delicate in terms of the canvas and that is the ONLY reason I did not carry much in my tote. Still waiting for a resolution. We're now getting into march and this has been going on since December. I bought the tote in September.
  12. After much thought, you have inspired me. I have decided to attempt return of my St. Louis GM (purchased in July 2016) due to the paint peeling on my newly acquired personalization done in mid-August 2016. The peeling started in November, 2016. While I could live with the first tiny spot, as it was not noticeable, I now see that the peeling is happening on my initials, as well as a few other spots (mainly corner areas). I know it is only a matter of time before the personalization starts to get worse, which will essentially ruin the look of an otherwise brand new bag. While I am fully expecting a fight, I take comfort in the fact that because my bag was purchased at Goyard Boutique within a Neiman Marcus store on my NM card, that ultimately Neiman Marcus would have the final say. Years ago I had to return a gorgeous Navy Blue lambskin Classic Flap to the Chanel Boutique within Bloomingdales due to the color wearing off on the bottom corners after only 7 months. To my surprise Bloomingdales could not apologize enough for my inconvenience and took the bag back citing it was a quality control issue that they would address with Chanel. Well the paint peeling on my Goyard is certainly a "quality control" issue that I hope gets resolved fairly. I have to wonder if they can send my bag back to be repainted? I will certainly let everyone know.
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  13. their quality looks good, but surprising has lotsa quality issue.. aftersales service is not there yet
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