Goyard St. Louis less than four months old and handles cracking :(

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  1. I purchased a goyard in early September and today I noticed this on every handle! I am so very sad and disappointed. I have used the bag only occasionally on weekends and have never carried anything heavy in the bag and the bag is in otherwise superb condition except for the handles! I can't believe this happened. Has anyone else had this problem?

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  2. Omg that's ridiculous! I just bought the same exact bag and now am strongly thinking of returning it. Did you contact the store you bought it from?
  3. I emailed the store and also the after services email contact. We shall see what happens. Literally didn't think anything about the handles until I looked at them today. This obviously didn't start recently. I am SOOOOO disappointed. This was a birthday present too. I absolutely adore this bag so I hope it can be fixed or something. I am wishing now I got a different bag like the marquises or bellechase or Voltaire but I don't know if those bags would also have this problem. If things don't turn out well I will never buy another goyard ever again.
  4. Hope they fix your handles and try not to charge you. I love my bag but think I'm just going to return it.
  5. Goodness I didn't even think about them charging me! That would definitely upset me. I have not heard back yet but it is Sunday. Will update this post with what they say! I have heard they have excellent customer service so I hope that this all turns out well.
  6. I am very sorry to hear that.

    Did you bend the handles when storing the bag?

    If not, then this bag that you had purchased is definitely defective and you should insist for a replacement. Please highlight to them that you only purchased it less than 4 months ago!

    I know this sounds ridiculous considering the price that we paid but St Louis tote to me is really vulnerable to such wear and tear at handles and corners of bag.

    I had this conversation at 233 Paris with store manager regarding design of St. Louis. I must very sure they are tired of hearing all these complaints from customers about the design of St. Louis. Instead of reediting the designs, they offer replacement of handles and stitching of leather corners with ADDITIONAL fees! To them, St Louis is their 'basic' entry level....

    Anyway, Goyard do offer other more expensive totes which do not have problem like St Louis but in terms of price and weight and convenience of carrying around, none of them beats St Louis.
  7. No I have never bent the handles. When I store the bag I also lay it on its side with a pillow stuffed inside. I am super anal with my things. I had the damier ebene Louis and it too had the cracking handles and I learned from that experience to never bend the handles.

    So I will be charged additional fees to get this bag fixed even though it is less then four months old? That is pretty ridiculous. I had asked the sa about cracking handles and she told me that it wasn't happening anymore because they changed the leather. Had I known this was going to be an issue I would have purchased a different bag. Do you know if the bellechase, Voltaire or marquises have this issue? I am glad I only bought the plain gm and not one of the colors. I would be more annoyed had I spent nearly 2000 on a bag that lasted less than four months.
  8. I agree! After only four months and minimal wear... this is not "normal"

    Though the handle glazing does eventually crack over time, this is definitely a defective bag. I don't even think miss storing the bag would do this so quickly. Good luck!!! So sad
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  9. I look forward to seeing how goyard will handle this issue. It must be defective because I have friends with this bag and they have not experienced the cracking.
  10. Just to let you know that it happens to all bags and they consider it normal wear and tear :sad:
  11. But after four months? I have that very same tote and would be equally miffed if they told me it was normal after only four months. Holy smokes. Entry level or not - they're not cheap and shouldn't wear that quickly.
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  12. Like the above comment but just after four months? And not even four months because this looks like it started even before then. I have only used the bag lightly on weekends too. This is crazy.
  13. Trust your words that you had taken well care of the bag. We feel your pain....I was so sad after seeing hole at the handle after 2 years of very light and careful use.....

    You must highlight to Goyard that you have used it carefully and lightly and it has only been used 4 months.

    If Goyard insisted that this is normal wear and/or ask for additional fees for replacement, that will be most disappointing.
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  14. IMG_8836.JPG IMG_8837.JPG
    My bag is in otherwise perfect condition. Still waiting to hear back from them. If this is considered normal wear and tear then they shouldn't be selling this bag the way it is or fix the problem. I hope this is just a defective bag and they take care of the issue right away. The last thing I want to hear is they have to ship to France for repair and it won't come back from months. I will really be really very annoyed then.
  15. Hi Shelly, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. 4 months of light use should now cause this and even if Goyard considers these entry level bags, they are still objectively pricey for what they are, which is a large open tote bag. I bought my Black/Black GM in November only used it about 5 times but it was really used, carrying moderate weight and walking around with it for hours. I just figured now that I have it, lets see how it performs the way I intend to use it. Grateful it still looks great. I say this because with light use, yours should not have cracked; and you're right, just because you noticed it now does not mean it did not happen earlier.

    I am wondering, is it the leather that is cracking, or the glaze that is cracking? Either way I think it is too early for this to happen and I hope this is resolved without an expense.
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