goyard st louis gm

  1. Hi there fellow goyard lovers!

    I need your advice, anyone have any idea where I could purchase my first goyard st. louis gm along orange county or los angeles areas? I really have no idea where those goyard shops are located in Cali, all I know is the one from San francisco.

    if you could also include prices, that would be sooo awesome.

    thank you very much

  2. You'd have to go Barneys or BG, the only boutique is in SF.

  3. There is a small Goyard store inside Barney's in Beverly Hills. I have visited the location just 2 months ago.

    In terms of prices, I could not remember but you can call in advance to check with them.

    Hope this helps:p
  4. I live in Hawaii and dealt with Jeremy Alter at Barney's Beverly Hills over the phone and he was awesome!

    So I am sure if you went in there he would help you out.


    Hope this helps