Goyard St Louis Claire Voie Pink still available at Goyard Store?

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  1. Hi Newbie here, just wanna ask whether anyone of you still seeing the Goyard St Louis Claire Voie in rose pink at Goyard Boutique?
  2. My boyfriend went to Paris and Monaco goyard to look and he was told they are sold out everywhere
  3. Oh dear ~ Thanks for ur info ! They didn’t tell him when they will restock? I am looking for it like crazy ☹️
  4. I was in the Miami boutique last week and they still had some pink bags on display.
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    Hi there - I bought one in Biarritz France on the 6th of July. I bought the last PM size that they had in the store. I was told they would not be getting any more. When I got back to SF I called the Goyard store as I was hoping to exchange mine for the GM size and they said they were out, but getting a few more in stock but there was a waitlist. I asked my aunt who lives in London to check the store there and they had 2 GM's, one of which my aunt bought for me (yay). xxx
    As far as I know, there are no fakes of this special edition. I have seen a few available online. Good luck, the bag is gorgeous!
  6. My sister just got one from the monaco store.
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