Goyard St Louis after 2 months use. NEVER AGAIN!

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  1. I think the problem with Goyard is consistency with durability. Some people have had no issues whatsoever with their bags while others have had cracking or peeling or other issues. I visited a boutique some time ago and was looking at bags that could serve as a work bag ie be a Work horse bag and not have the problem of cracking handles. The sales person I was dealing with said that any of the bags I was looking at - Artois belchasse etc all have the possibility of cracking. That is really not something I want to hear or deal with. Spend over 2k on a bag and have it wind up cracking a few months later? No way, no thanks. I will never buy anything from Goyard unless they work out their consistency with durability issues. I have bought many bags from chanel and Hermes and even after several years they still look new. I use a gp for work and have carried it for the last several years and it still looks like the day I bought save for a few rubs on the bag’s corners. No cracking, no peeling, nothing. For those who have had wonderful experiences with Goyard bags, that is great and you’re lucky and wish I could say the same!

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  2. I would use leather cream on the handles and wherever there is leather to make it more supple when you get it home. That will take care of the cracking in the future. It has to be the leather they are using thus you need leather cream from the outset.
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