Goyard St Louis after 2 months use. NEVER AGAIN!

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  1. Not meant to be filled to the brim. Straps not well stitched like the LV Neverfull
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  2. Here’s my Goyard I bought in 2008 in Paris and here’s the wallet I bought in 2015. The quality has gone down since. I hardly use the wallet, maybe 4 times since I bought it and then this happened! A tear in between and I had it repaired by my shoe repairman. Whereas the bag had been used on vacations a lot and still looks like brand new.

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  3. My Saint Louis tote bought in 2015 is having problem with the handles whilst the one bought in 2010 absolutely has no such problem.....
  4. I also have cracks in my 2016 and 2012 St Louis. But I don't mind, it's not like the straps will break from the glazing cracks.
  5. I imagine cracks after a few months of use on the St Louis is common. It shouldn't too negatively impact the bag, though. Given the relatively simple, no-frills construction of the bag, I'm not surprised this is the case. Unless you're super OCD about it, don't let it affect how you wear the bag!
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  6. I don’t think it’s being OCD about straps if they start cracking after a couple months especially when you’re paying over a grand for the bag. That’s just my personal opinion!
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  7. I agree! Especially if you compare to other brands. My Faure Le Page bag was less expensive but I used it every day for 7 months for work (and I make it way too heavy), and there are no flaws with the cracking! Goyard must be doing something different…
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  8. Or perhaps they just don’t care because people continue to buy them regardless of the cracking issue. Personally I think the cracking is unslightly.
  9. Agreed! Hopefully the cracking isn’t too noticeable :smile: enjoy the bag as best you can anyway!
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  10. QUOTE="EJsMommy1, post: 31783376, member: 583516"]I knew I was taking a risk as far as quality when purchasing my first Goyard bag. I'm not sure if it's just with the St Louis model, but I purchased my St Louis GM sometime the end of August which was just 2 months ago and the straps are already cracking. It's pretty bad. For the price of this tote, this is just totally unacceptable. I purchased from the San Francisco location, and while receiving great customer service during the time I bought it - when I called them to address my concerns & frustrations with the cracking, they seemed totally careless and rude. I was told the straps would be $200 to replace, or it could take a month or so to send it off to Paris for inspection. For both options, which isn't guaranteed that the cracking would happen again or if I would even have to pay, I'm just not going to take the risk. Since my purchase I've used this bag about 2x a week and I do NOT load it heavily at all. I honestly could've just purchased the PM because I do not carry a lot but felt it looked too small on my frame. Prior to purchasing, I've read on the forums about the cracking issues and I guess I was hoping I'd be one of the few who would be lucky to not experience it. Ahhh i'm honestly so sad! As beautiful as the bag is, the quality is just not up to par. For the more expensive pieces, I'm sure it is however it would be nice for ALL of their bags to have the same quality. Sigh. Off to Fashionphile it goes...

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    Hello! I just bought my very first St. Louis last Thursday, I noticed that my handle have the same cut as yours however it’s not cracking as of yet since this is the first time im using it. I didnt read any reviews on the purse prior to purchasing it as I feel like paying for their price will stand as durability goes but now that ive been reading threads im thinking if I did a right decision on purchasing it
  11. I'm sorry the St. Louis didn't meet your expectations. With that said, it's not meant to be a workhorse tote. People buy it with the understanding that it's meant to carry light things. If you choose to carry heavier things or use it more often, it'll get worn out. Personally, I'm not a fan of babying tote bags so some wear, even after just a couple of uses, is expected.
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  12. I didn’t even use mine as a Work horse tote as people noted the bag is delicate. I threw in a wallet and keys and cellphone, used it less than a dozen time and the handles still cracked on me within three months. Sorry but no bag should crack like that after three months. Have you ever heard multiple stories about one type of bag cracking made by Chanel or Hermes? No that’s because they make quality bags no matter the price point. People are catching on that these bags are poorly made and not worth the price. When mine cracked I thought of just selling to one of the second hand sellers like fashionphile. At the time my bag was priced at three hundred over retail used. Now that’s not the case anymore. Give me a neverfull any day over this piece of crap.
  13. Yeah I get the frustration. I still love Goyard and find the St. Louis more elegant than the Neverfull. The ultimate Goyard tote is the Bellechasse or the Artois.
  14. I have thought about the Artois but after being burned with th St. Louis I hesitate to spend even more money on some item to wind up with the same problem. I’d much rather spend 2k in clic clacs, slgs, or scarves at Hermes. If it’s not quality issues at Goyard, it’s the service. I received very bad customer service when I enquired about the problem handles and I know I am not the only one. And it’s not just clients who buy the “starter” bags. A writer for the financial times wrote articles on his experience with a Goyard trunk. You’d think he’d have no issues with Goyard given how much he spent on the trunk!
  15. That’s unfortunate. I’ve used my Bellechasse like a work horse tote and it’s held up really well. Same with my cardholder and my key holder.
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