Goyard St Louis after 2 months use. NEVER AGAIN!

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  1. I knew I was taking a risk as far as quality when purchasing my first Goyard bag. I'm not sure if it's just with the St Louis model, but I purchased my St Louis GM sometime the end of August which was just 2 months ago and the straps are already cracking. It's pretty bad. For the price of this tote, this is just totally unacceptable. I purchased from the San Francisco location, and while receiving great customer service during the time I bought it - when I called them to address my concerns & frustrations with the cracking, they seemed totally careless and rude. I was told the straps would be $200 to replace, or it could take a month or so to send it off to Paris for inspection. For both options, which isn't guaranteed that the cracking would happen again or if I would even have to pay, I'm just not going to take the risk. Since my purchase I've used this bag about 2x a week and I do NOT load it heavily at all. I honestly could've just purchased the PM because I do not carry a lot but felt it looked too small on my frame. Prior to purchasing, I've read on the forums about the cracking issues and I guess I was hoping I'd be one of the few who would be lucky to not experience it. Ahhh i'm honestly so sad! As beautiful as the bag is, the quality is just not up to par. For the more expensive pieces, I'm sure it is however it would be nice for ALL of their bags to have the same quality. Sigh. Off to Fashionphile it goes...

    IMG_1618.JPG IMG_1619.JPG IMG_1620.JPG

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  2. Hi you will find better and the pricing is high for the quality they claim. Your safety is first!
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  4. Didn't know that was where you purchase the bag notice more the structure needs enhancing with strength!
  5. Also have to examine products with stamping and logos for authenticity!
  6. Same thing happened to me after a couple of months. Cracking just like yours. It’s truly disappointing for such an expensive tote. Good luck with your sale!
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  7. Thanks a lot you all need the best and more too sending love and strength!
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  8. must be my eyes but I can only see one crack line toward the bottom of third picture, doesn't look serious-what am I missing? The leather looked beautiful to me, but again, my eyes aren't the best--just wanted to know what to look out for-
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  9. I purchased the bag from Goyard San Francisco. In hopes to selling to Fashionphile for a decent price. :\

    As far as the photos, it was a little hard hard for me to get clear photos of the cracking. There are cracks on 3 of the handles, one even has the white lining inside showing. Here are a few more pics:

  10. Oh nooo.. and here I am contemplating if i should get my first St louis =(((

    For such an exorbitant price for a structureless, lifeless tote, surely this should not happen?
  11. I sold off mine as soon as I noticed the cracking in the straps (8 months after purchase) and only made $950 after fees. This was truly the only bag i ever regretted purchasing.
  12. Ugh I’m sorry. Always felt this bag was lacking in quality and I’m glad didn’t buy it. The Anjou always intrigued me though and looks more sturdy.
  13. So glad I returned mine after I ordered and had it shipped to me from BG. I did not think the quality justified the price, even though I love the print! It reminded me of a freebie makeup bag you get with purchase. Such a shame because it is a beautiful bag, from afar.
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  14. I had a bad experience with a St. Louis. I will never ever buy Goyard again!
  15. I would love a Goyard St Louis but I've read so much about cracking issues that I won't try it. I'm sorry this happened!