Goyard Saint Marc cardholder quality issue

  1. Hi all! I’m wondering if anyone has purchased a Goyard card wallet of late. Specifically the Saint Marc. Reason I ask is because I recently asked a friend to pick up a Saint Marc card holder during his trip to France. I bought one last year in Paris for my husband around Christmas. I’m comparing both card holders and the new one my friend picked up looks significantly different than the one I picked up last year. Curious if Goyard is known to change up their production processes for certain product lines.

    Photos comparing the two wallets below. In each of the side-by-side photos, the old cardholder is on the left.
    7F0AAA2D-17B7-4930-94E9-01350F3D426D.jpeg 75C05BC0-E164-4666-A613-50D199868EF9.jpeg CC2D7E23-7871-416E-9078-A68CF2BB42EC.jpeg B19DADFB-7BF0-4B96-8242-761D300AF055.jpeg 50300E9E-CAD7-41D3-B3D3-B27D9289164D.jpeg C26601AA-60EE-4991-AB6B-7D5B52C3DA61.jpeg

    I’m noticing that the edges of the new card holder don’t look painted (shiny vs. matte) and the edges are more angled rather than slightly rounded. Imprint inside looks slightly crisper and deeper. Not sure if it’s because it’s brand new vs. used.

    I have no doubt that the one my friend purchased is the real deal since it was purchased at an actual Goyard boutique. I’m just slightly disappointed in the huge (IMO) variance between the one from last year and the one this year. Not to mention the price went up almost 100 euros! Thoughts/comments appreciated!
  2. The new pipping trim supposedly won't crack as easily as the older design and also it won't feel as sticky which many people have complaints about.
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  3. Would anyone know how much the current price is in US? Tia
  4. My apologies wrong thread thanks