Goyard Saint Louis PM or LV Neverfull MM

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  1. Hi,
    I like Goyard for being so lightweight, but durability is a concern . Is LV Neverfull MM much heavier than Saint Louis PM? I also like Longchamp Le Pliage in large for being so light, but I don't care for the zipper top.
  2. IMO the LV Neverfull is not that much heavier than the SL PM. The trade off with the Goyard is lighter thinner, but less durable. The Neverfull is thicker but takes a beating and wears beautifully. For the price, I feel that LV is a better investment long term.

    I am a big fan of Goyard, but once I buy a bag I sell it within 6 months b/c of the quality. However, I have only owned the St. Louis Gm and Fidji which are really slouchy bags. My next Goyard purchase will have more structure...maybe an Artois or Belvedere 2.
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  3. If you like something that is lightweight, you should consider a longchamp as I find Neverfull MM pretty heavy and the handle is not as comfortable as well
  4. I have 3 St. Louis pm totes that I carry almost daily with a bag insert. They are thin and I think I am going to get another white one next summer as it doesn’t look that great anymore. It is 3 years old. I think the neverfull is much more durable however it is just not me. I do carry a la pliage neo when I travel because of the zipper.
  5. I have a St Louis and a Neverfull epi. I did not buy the Neverfull in canvas since I have the St Louis. I noticed that my friends who have the canvas Neverfull have a lot more of a structured bag than the St Louis but I would never go back and get the canvas Neverfull instead of a St Louis. I love the St Louis and if you pack it right, you don't really have any structural issues.
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  6. I have all three of the bags you mentioned (Goyard St. Louis - GM, LV Neverfull - MM, Longchamp Le Pilage).
    The Goyard is not much lighter than the LV... but I agree with the posters above that it is seems less durable than the LV because the Goyard is not structured.
    For a luxury brand, I think the LV can definitely take a good beating (owned it for 4 years). I bought the Goyard 6 months ago, and though it's really nice, I don't feel like it can hold up as well as the LV. As for the Longchamp, it is my daily work bag that I throw around with little care... it's < $200 CAD and <10% of a Goyard/LV... so.... I won't be sad if I ruin it :P
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