Goyard Richeliu Wallet

  1. Hi, I need help to pick a Goyard wallet for woman. I saw only Richeliu for this type of bifold long wallet in Goyard section. Is there any other kind?

    Does anyone has one? I never saw review about their wallet and since I’m in the market for a wallet I would like to have this.

    Thank you.
  2. I have a full zip around one that is about the same length and width of the reicheliu but a bit thicker. In general I don't recommend bi-fold wallets liek the Richeliu because the edges turn in very quickly. If it isn't too thick, I highly suggest the full zip one that I have (sorry I know know the name)
  3. Cardinal Richelieu!!!
  4. Does anyone have the Richelieu? If so, how is it holding up & are you happy with it?