Goyard Richeliu Wallet

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  1. Hi, I need help to pick a Goyard wallet for woman. I saw only Richeliu for this type of bifold long wallet in Goyard section. Is there any other kind?

    Does anyone has one? I never saw review about their wallet and since I’m in the market for a wallet I would like to have this.

    Thank you.
  2. I have a full zip around one that is about the same length and width of the reicheliu but a bit thicker. In general I don't recommend bi-fold wallets liek the Richeliu because the edges turn in very quickly. If it isn't too thick, I highly suggest the full zip one that I have (sorry I know know the name)
  3. Cardinal Richelieu!!!
  4. Does anyone have the Richelieu? If so, how is it holding up & are you happy with it?
  5. I've had the Richelieu (in black) for two years now and I love it. It's super durable and I would highly recommend! I don't overstuff mine and haven't had issues with the corners or any other wear and tear.
  6. I've had mine for about 6 months now, but since I don't use it regularly it still in like new condition. Nevertheless, I like richeliu design, it's not too bulky like other wallet. Also, not many people use Goyard, especially in my city, so it felt exclusive.
  7. Very exclusive indeed
  8. Funny thing is that, the only other person I ever saw using a Goyard is my close friend from my own circle :lol: totally coincidence #greatmindsthinkalike
  9. Great taste too bff
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