Goyard reveal, first ever!

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  1. This is a bit belated but I've just been so busy and I started using the bag every day since it came, so now I'm finally getting around to posting!
    It's my first Goyard purchase and actually first designer purchase ever, so needless to say I am beyond excited.
    Here she is! St Louis PM, black on black, and I even decided to treat myself to initials. I've been using it every day for 3 months and am still smitten :loveeyes: So glad I saved up and decided to go with Goyard, and totally recommend the St Louis!!

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  2. Great bag!!! I love you color and placement of initials! Enjoy!
  3. Ouuuhhhh, love the color combo of the initials!
  4. Great bag. Enjoy your Goyard.. :smile:
  5. Beautiful. Your initials are perfect
  6. Very nice! Congrats and enjoy :smile:
  7. It's beautiful! That's what I'm buying this week (over the phone tho). I have one question tho, did they send an authenticity card? Or do the don't give those? Thank you!
  8. Beautiful! Congrats and enjoy! :biggrin:
  9. Very pretty! Congrats & enjoy!
  10. I purchased mine over the phone too. Hmmn I just checked, and actually I don't see one. It has a box, dust bag, and price tags. Then there's a little envelope with a small paper card with some information about the Goyard brand and stuff but nothing like an actual plastic card. I'm not sure if this is typical? I guess I wasn't worried to check because I don't think I'm ever going to resell this lol!
  11. Love it! Congrats!
  12. Very nice bag :yahoo:

    How is inside the bag please ?
  13. Thank you! :smile:
    Like just how is it in general? It's made of a light beige canvas, very roomy and flexible. I use a purse organizer so that I can find things, it also adds structure and protects the canvas from getting dirty
  14. I wanted to know if it was inside as the Neverfull of LV ; I suppose because you said about a purse organizer :smile:

  15. Okay, thank you very much! I can't wait to receive mine ️