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  1. I just dropped it off at Barneys to be sent out for handle repair. After 2 years of use, handle became sticky and started to transfer on my clothing. SA said it will take about 6 weeks which is not that bad. I heard at Goyard Maison they say it can take up to 6 months..or something crazy like that.

    Please share your experience. How do they transport the bag? My handle is very sticky so I don't want it to stick on the body of the bag. When it came back was it in a good condition? Did more problem come up afterwards?

    Couldn't find any forum with repair experiences. Please help!
  2. this is great to know because I've had my Goyard bag for about 6 years, and my handles get sticky and transfer to my clothing in the summer as well! I didn't think there was anything I could do about it. definitely let me know how the repair comes out. did they happen to give you a price quote?
  3. Which bag do you have? I have the Artois PM (2 years) and sent it off to have the handles replaced because the glazing was cracking and peeling off a bit, but no issues with stickiness. That was back in September. The sales associate at NM Chicago estimated 3 months. I am not sure if the repair will be sent directly to me or stopover first in Chicago at the store. When I purchased the bag originally, it was shipped to my home after it had been monogrammed. It came wrapped in tissue paper, placed in a Goyard shopping bag and then in a standard shipping box with some additional tissue/crumbled paper so the bag didn’t shift much in the box. I think the handles were wrapped in plastic when packed. Please post an update, I’d like to hear how your repair turned out.
  4. Do you know how much replacing the handles cost for that? I have a St. Louis.
  5. For the Artois which has slightly different straps (thicker), it was ~$300. I think the St. Louis is ~$200. I would call the store to confirm.
  6. Thanks! I was thinking it might be cheaper to just buy a new bag!
  7. I am thinking of buying the St Louis but after reading about the quality issues I am not sure that I will. Good luck with your repair. These bags are absolutely beautiful. I do have a Monongram LV Neverfull and there are no quality issues.