Goyard Poitiers


Aug 8, 2022
Hello, fellow Goyard enthusiasts,

I recently came across a Poitiers Claire Voie tote bag in white/opaline (a colour resembling teal), and I really like the colours of the bag. However, I can’t find much information on the Poitiers on this sub-forum. Hence, I would like to ask if any of you own a Poitiers, and if so, how has your experience with using it been? Is it a practical bag? Are there any downsides to the bag?

Thank you for your inputs!
I actually have the exact bag you mentioned and I’ve really enjoyed it. What makes it work for me is the (removable) long strap this special edition came with. It’s a flat style, so I try not to overstuff it, but it’s a good size for running errands or going out with just a card case, key, phone, and lip gloss.