Goyard Pink St Louis Totes...

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  1. Just curious, for those who know or do own the Goyard Pink St Louis totes...I know they were released around 2006, so a little while back, and was wondering if the Pink St Louis totes had any differences in size/design when compared to the regular color St Louis totes?

    Thanks so much!!!
  2. The pink St. Louis was same size just different color. They are out there on the 2nd market, but please be careful. I have seen my share of fakes on ebay and reseller. I think the reseller shops don't know they have a fake.

    I think a member named Cathi has the pink tote.
  3. I have one GM in pink, the design is exactly the same.
  4. Hi Cory,

    I'd be more than happy to answer questions about the Pink if you have any. I have one as well, and there are pics somewhere on the forum of mine. :smile:
  5. Is there still a pink colour in St Louis?
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    From what I've read on this Forum, it was an LE color. I hope Goyard will produce the pink color again. It wouldn't hurt to check in with a Goyard store and inquire
  7. The pink was a limited edition colour. :smile:
  8. No. In fact, I went to the Goyard store in Union Square (San Francisco) today and asked to see if and when the pink color would surface - the SA had no idea.

    Although there was one piece remaining - a messenger bag at $3,400. The style did not appeal to me.

    The main store is in Paris on Rue St Honore. Perhaps, a call to that store would be yield better information.
  9. Thanks for the update, I'll have to run over to the Paris store in a month or so. I will never tire of Goyard xx