Goyard Personalized: Customization Library

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  1. ^^^I have a pic of the same piece, but decided to go ahead and post again because it also includes the prices, name and model number. This pic is from the Barney's "Give Good Goyard" e-mail sent on Nov 17th.


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  2. Bump!

    (just incase anyone has some lovely new additions to this thread :smile: )
  3. Wanna bump this thread..

    I have a light blue st. Louis GM and I am planning to add stripes and monogram next month. I would love to see some inspiration what colors to use. TIA!
  4. my new to me st louis pm with a gorgeous custom fleur de lis design with 5 stripes and metallic paint!
  5. I am definitely getting mine done up !!!
  6. Thinking of getting it done as well , can we like custom put a star or something as well?
  7. can i have mine done even if it is no longer brand new? i heard to avoid paint chipping, painting should be done on a brand new bag... any inputs? :smile:
  8. We were at Goyard Paris last May and were informed that the personalization can be done at any time, not necessarily upon purchase of a bag.
  9. love them all!!! just the thought of Goyard leaving there trunks outside their stores with no guards.... I just feel like pulling up and just randomly loading them onto my car and drive off!! :smile:

    Also how much is it to personalize a St. Louis GM?
  10. I bought my wallet from San Francisco.

    Can I have it customized with my initials and a stripe in Hong Kong? There'll be two months between purchase and customization.
  11. Yes, that's fine. Goyard in HK didn't ask for date of purchase or receipt when I brought my bag for personalization. It takes 8 weeks to finish though.
  12. Sounds good.

    What are the prices for customization?
  13. I was charged HKD 1,320 for 1 to 3 stripes and another HKD 1,320 for 1 to 6 initials.
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    You are super helpful!

    Thanks dear.

    Know of any place I can see all the types of customization styles?
  15. Unfortunately, no. They will show you the available combinations in the store. I did ask about special symbols like skull and bones, crown, fleur de lys, etc. but they said it was not available through them. Perhaps it is only available through Goyard Paris ...