Goyard paint chipping?

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  1. That's really ridiculous and simply not good faith business practice. Really disappointing given both your personal situation with the bag along with just the general keel of customer service they offer (or rather don't offer) for the brand. Have you by chance tried calling Bergdorf Goodman to see if perhaps they can accept the return and forward it on to Paris? It shouldn't be your responsibility, but if you asked the SA you'd been working with up when discussing the problems with the bag to call BG and try and get them to help, it might work out.

    Sorry they're being such a$$holes in assisting you 😞
  2. Just got my first Goyard, I received from SF store this past friday, I just read about your problem, sorry about that, I hope that wont happen to me.
  3. asked for the third time for the serial number.
  4. I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I find that with any of my brands (that I own) there always seems to be something, so far I've been lucky with zero issues re: Goyard.

    I wouldn't chalk it up to steering away from the brand, but I can understand your extreme disappointment. Hope it all ends well and look forward to hearing better news.
  5. Good luck! I'm really sorry this has happened and I hope they help you fix it.

    I have an old white Fidji (about 5 years old now) and there is some smudging, but only on a couple of places. It definitely does not look completely chipped off - hope Paris gets back to you ASAP!!
  6. All I can say is that I'm completely shocked b.c. guess what: my St. Louis that I purchased in June of 2013 has THE SAME PROBLEM IN THE SAME PLACE AS YOURS! I'm totally furious. Calling Barney's tomorrow. IDK what to do...
  7. ^Pm'd you back.

    I could understand some smudging with wear and tear after 5 years like my prada bag but after 6 months? Nah...

    I was told that if Paris lets me exchange I could only get store credit.
  8. Thanks to M5, I finally have a resolution that they will exchange the bag for me. Not sure if I should take my chance on black again or go for the standard red. But after several weeks glad this is coming to a close.

    I'd really like a refund, but oh well.

    Thanks for all of your support and wishes!
  9. the same thing has happened to me! i bought my st louis in aug 2013 and just noticed significant paint chipping on the side seams and the front and back near the handles. ive been really careful when using my purse and store it in its dust bag when its not in use. ive contacted the goyard store and am waiting for a response from paris about what can be done.
  10. Wow, that's horrible. That is not expected from such an expensive bag...

    I purchased mine in October 2013, hope this won't happen to my bag...
  11. All these issues about goyard is making me resist buying one. They should really improve their quality control! Read that there are good & bad batches of bags. Unacceptable at that price point!
  12. i totally agree... you would think that such an expensive bag would buy you some sort of quality but i guess i was wrong. i cant believe the paint is chipping off like its some cheap knock off. this is so embarrassing. im better off with a LV neverfull considering its cheaper and the paint doesnt chip. sigh.
  13. I've been a long-time lurker on TPF, but I signed up to add that I just noticed the paint chipping on my fairly new St. Louis. I purchased it from the (flagship?) rue Saint-Honoré location at the end of May 2013, so I'm assuming it's from the same "bad batch" that you guys are also having problems with. I'm planning on talking to a SA at the San Francisco location this weekend, and I really hope they can replace it; it's unacceptable!
  14. Sad. Did you get close to an alcohol perhaps on accident?
  15. Goyard @ Barneys replaced my bag-no questions asked. Apparently a lot of the bags made from May-Aug 2013 were considered a bad batch-w.e. that means. I wasn't happy, but glad I got a new bag, even though my other was sooooo beautifully broken in. I does help to email Paris. They were the ones who told me to return before BNY even got back to me. Regardless, this shouldn't happen. And if it does again, I'm getting a credit and saying (sadly) au revoir ro Goyard...
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