Goyard paint chipping?

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  1. Hey ladies,

    So I purchased my first ever goyard in June of this year. And I looked down today and noticed this. Has this happened to anyone else? I pretty much baby my bags. It's on one side. I don't burden it down with heavy items or keep the handles folded.

    Has anyone had this happen before? I'm pretty bummed since I spent a lot of money on it and its not that old.

    Any ideas/thoughts would be much appreciated!
  2. I've never seen this, and I do carry a LOT in my St. Louis totes. I'd take it back to the boutique it came from. This should NOT be happening. I am sorry especially given the price of these bags. Keep this thread up to date, I'd love to know the outcome, GL OP:heart:
  3. Thanks pink! I'll let you know what they say.
  4. That does not look good!
    Definitely contact them about it. :smile:
  5. I have some paint chipping on my pouchette but not the exterior of my bag. I was very upset also. I hope your boutique could be of help.
  6. Thanks ladies. As soon as I'm back in town I'll bring it in to the boutique.
  7. My friends black St. Louis has about half the paint chipped off. It looks awful. I asked him when that started to happen and he just said "it's not chipping. It's fine" ... I just ended the convo there lol.
  8. My St. Louis is a few years old and it does have some of the chipping, but on the corners of the bag. It doesn't really bother me since it's not too noticeable when worn. I'm sorry that this is happening to yours so soon.
  9. Thanks ladies. They will take photos of it and send it off to France for them to decide if its normal wear and tear or an oddity. It's strange because it's only on one side of the bag. the corners show a bit of wear, which i expected, but not on the front by the straps.
  10. Just an update - I took my bag in this weekend and photos are being sent to Paris. I was told that there was a batch of bad bags that had this happen to them and the SA's are fairly certain that I've gotten one as I bought it in June and stuff is rubbing off. So, I should hear this week about what they say.
  11. second update: just noticed even more chipping all down the side of the bag where it meets the other panel.

    quite frankly i'm keen to ask for a refund at this point as i've totally lost interest with this bag.

  12. Sounds reasonable to me. Sorry that your bag was so defective. :sad:
  13. update - still waiting to hear from paris.

    i noticed that the place where the two panels meet on the crease line is horribly chipped as well. so very disappointed.
  14. Im sorry to hear about the trouble you've been having with the bag! At least it sounds like the SA's didn't try to wave you off by saying it's just expected / your fault - I've heard of people having some pretty awful experiences regarding repairs and customer service at Goyard before.

    PS: I'm not positive exactly what they use to create the Goyardine canvas, but I'm fairly certain it isn't hand-painted. Not sure when this change was made but it seems the pattern is printed using a combination of techniques.
  15. ^and i'm out of luck with my visa card as they are saying they changed the terms on protection plans.
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