Goyard Owners

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  1. I am quite intrested in some of goyards pecies and was wondering beside getting them at holt renfrew and barney and goyard stores is there any other place?
    Does any one on the forum own a goyard are they nice and worth the money?
  2. I don't own one, but I've seen them and I think they are very well made bags. Worth the price. they're very popular amongst the quality-fussy Japanese.
  3. really i love quality but i guess if i spend $1000 on a coated canvas they better be hand made
  4. I dont own one either, but I've heard the quality is excellent. Paging Issmom for this question! I think she got a personalized one a while back.
  5. i have a red St. Louis PM tote -- i love it! it's handpainted, waterproof and reversible! and they also come in different colors. versatile also -- i can use it as a work and a diaper bag! :smile: I'm planning to get a Fidji hobo next -- in a yummy color like orange or yellow.
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