Goyard or Saint Laurent

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  1. I need a bag for travel so I ordered a Saint Laurent tote and am thinking of getting a goyard St. Louis in black but am worried about quality issues. The SL is $995 and is all leather where the St. Louis is $1375 and is canvas. Which do you think is better quality ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463360849.110676.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463360859.039238.jpg
  2. None of them has a zipper top... Travel?
  3. Probably the saint laurent, I've read on these forums about the problems with goyard and frey edges But, if you want something durable I would recommend mansur gavriel or LV never full or even a longchamp.

  4. I'm going to look at mansur I have never fulls and wanted nothing different that not everyone has
  5. i'll also recommend madewell and cuyana aswell
  6. I have the Goyard and after using it for work on weekdays continuously for the last 3 years the bottom corners have been worn/rubbed/slightly frayed. Nothing too noticeable.

    My 2nd tote was going to be the Saint Laurent. So I think both are good choices. If you go with the sl, it's a lower price point and it is all leather which Is more worth your money but don't know how well it will wear.
  7. I will go with the SL because leather is generally more durable than canvas. Goyard seems to have some issues with quality for its canvas.

    Just sharing, my travel large tote is a Furla plain black tote in saffiano leather and it has worn really well, lack of zipper is probably a turn off for most travellers but it has ease of access for pulling things out and throwing things back in, just beware of surroundings especially in crowded places.
  8. I would 1000% stress keeping the Saint Laurent.

    1st, it's cheaper in cost but it is made out of a more expensive, more durable material. The great thing about the leather on this tote is that it is ever so slightly textured, so it is actually resistant to scratches and scuffs.

    2nd, Goyard quality is simply pitiful. I've gone through 3 Saint Louis totes. I must admit that I love the pattern. It's a truly romantic print that is understated and overall cool, but the damn things are crap quality.
    • The corners wear out FAST
    • The handles crack at the attachment point
    • The material isn't actually "coated," so the printed pattern rubs off over time

    tldr; hard pass on the Goyard. Enjoy your STUNNING Saint Laurent, though!!!
  9. Saint Laurent hands down. Pretty color!
  10. Have you checked out Faure le Page's daily battle tote?
  11. Saint Laurent!
  12. saint laurent!
  13. YSL too!
    In my place, I only see Goyard on tourists!
    Most French ladies have never heard of the brand....
  14. SL. I just can't Goyard. Sorry. Lol.
  15. Agreed, YSL. Goyard print doesn't do anything for me, personally, and I prefer leather over canvas.