Goyard open in Milan...

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  1. Do any of you know if the pricing is the same as paris for this store?
  2. Was there last week. St Pierre was 380 euro vs. 370 euro in Paris.
  3. Thanks so slightly more expensive but not too much.
  4. Has anyone gone recently? Any idea how pricing compares to Paris? I'm going on a work trip and might make a stop.. A friend of mine was in paris and she said they were very strict and would only allow for the purchase of 2 St. Louis totes per person. Does the same rule apply here? I was hoping to get multiple to hold onto for Christmas for my sisters.
  5. Hi all... just wanted to give a quick update they had very very very low stock. even wallets they only had one long wallet in stock in black... and then only special colors like white and orange. The staff was curt when I asked for different things. Also, the store itself is incredibly small. Paris was 1000x better.. even though it was busier once I found someone they were very professional and kind. I left with a Grey St. Louis which was at the very end of my wishlist. I understand that it may be frustrating to have to say "No" but I do wish they were a bit kinder or made other production suggestions. As far as pricing, the seem to be about 5% higher then paris pricing.
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