Goyard on TPF : Good or Bad ?

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Goyard on TPF : Good or Bad ???

  1. TPF = good for Goyard

  2. TPF = bad for Goyard

  3. I don’t care about Goyard. TPF = good for ME

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  1. Dear all,
    I’ve joined the purse forum few weeks ago.
    I really appreciate our community but I ask myself if talking about Goyard, posting pictures and prices is a good or a bad thing.

    Indeed, today, Goyard shows neither their product nor their prices on the web.
    They also decided to have only few stores.

    Honestly, what we most appreciate from this brand is their history, their design and quality but above all the fact that Goyard is a luxury brand not known by everybody.
    We don’t see Karl Lagerfeld ; Catherine Deneuve or some American celebrities talking about their Goyard…

    For me this forum could be…

    * because some live far from a Goyard store and it’s the easiest way to be informed
    * because we are groupies. We want to share our enthusiasm and we can see more Goyard than what we see on the street.
    * because Goyard teams could potentially learn what we like and what we dislike and improve themselves

    * because we do the complete opposite of the Goyard spirit (discreet, style, not known by the mass)
    * because by posting prices we break the secret ; we change a rare product to a banal product easy to buy with some bucks
    * because by posting pictures we could help the imitation industry (even in putting some text on the picture)

    A solution could be to change this forum from a public to a private one, only accessible for those aware of the brand or sponsored.

    And you?
    What do you think?
  2. I live in Texas which doesn't have Goyard, so it is a great resource for me to use the forum as research for bags and to see the beautiful pictures. When I see something, I can call my Sales Associate at Bergdorf Goodman to place an order. I understand what you mean about keeping the brand discreet but it is nice to know that Goyard is not mass produced and one really needs to make an effort to purchase a piece and wait for the customization. I love looking forward to receiving the pieces knowing they are worth the wait. Good things come to those who wait.

    This will be a very interesting thread. Thanks for starting it!
  3. I can say, for certainty:

    will not be happening :nogood:
  4. As long as Goyard is available in only select stores & places, it will stay limited.
    I think tPF is a marvelous place for those who appreciate the "Goyard Spirit" to congregate & share their bags & accessories.
    And IMHO as long as Goyard is not advertised or sold widely, imitators will not waste their time on products that mass back street buyers don't want or/and don't know about.
  5. OP, I fully understand your sentiments...interesting to see how this pans out in here.
  6. I totally understand your concerns, but here are my thoughts as to defend against the cons of the Goyard sub-forum as you put it.

    1. Goyard is not discreet. It may not be known en mass, but it is definitely not discreet. Goyard has never adopted a front (or spirit) of 'exclusivity', it is a certain few that have created that image (which I think is rather silly).

    2. There are no requirements to purchase Goyard products. Goyard does not discriminate in order to preserve this said 'exclusivity', they are a business; if you have the money, they will provide you with their products.

    3. Could be argued both ways. But even before tPF was granted a Goyard sub-forum, there had already been countless fakes flooding the world. Watermarking is for the sole purpose of preventing photos of authentic products being stolen to front counterfeit items on websites such as eBay.

    Since I don't believe in this said 'exclusivity', I believe that the tPF Goyard sub-forum has only brought a positive reflection on the Goyard story, being a forum for the appreciation of the entire Goyard experience, encompassing the appreciation of quality, history, innovation and design.

  7. I understand and agree but more basically why do we post prices and pictures if the Maison Goyard don't and don't want to do that ? There must be a reason for them to act like that ? Don't you think ?
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    There are many people on tPF who want to know more and appreciate the Goyard experience, but due to physical distance, are unable to do so. As such, tPF provides a medium for such people to be able to appreciate Goyard from their computers. While it is true that Goyard's prices are not openly published for public access, it is still quite easy to obtain such information through an email or a phone call furthermore, Goyard products are available through mail order. The purpose of the price list is to pool our information into a single place, so that people can assess their options before reaching a store as more than 90% of the Goyard consumers are not able to see or feel the products in person.

    Most people pursuing certain products must specifically dedicate vacation time in pursuit of the wholesome Goyard experience, and I believe that that is commendable.
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    Are you suggesting that Goyard is a secret club that only certain individuals should be part of? Sorry OP, I don't agree.

    Many brands do not have ecommerce sites, many brands do not post pictures or prices on their sites.

    Bottom line - Goyard is a business and most businesses are "in business" to earn money.
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    You are all right ! All points of view are right.
    I know that firms work to make profits but...

    * sometime old familly brands become famous and make a lot of money but The risk at this moment is they can easily become too famous and like the clothes / fashion industry sink into oblivion.
    Do you see what I mean ?
  11. But that's usually due to marketing, oversaturation. This forum is VERY slow, we're the least of their worries IMO. They'll gain a little exposure from us and educate people who want to know more. . . that's all.
  12. To be clear : i do not critizise TPF or the members.
    I just asked myself if I did right to share my pictures, my purchases and the prices of it.
    What is absolutely certain is despite my low English level, I really enjoyed reading your threads...
  13. well, the question I have is as follows....is Goyard still owned by the GOYARD family even? in their history on their website, they do present the heritage of the house and the brand, but towards the very end, they mention a different last name which tries to adhere to the original Goyard principles, etc.

    c'est la vie, non? businesses transfer from one hand to another. I just hope the current owners maintain Goyard's original standards so the brand and all it stands for remain subtle, classy, elegant.
  14. I think ultimately we're all here to help ourselves (and other members), not to help a multimillion dollar company. If they become too famous because of the 25-50 people that regularly frequent this subforum...then we're buying an awful lot of bags. ;)
  15. The idea that fame would bring a luxury brand's output downhill is rather amusing. It is not up to us to ensure that they preserve their image of luxury and innovation, but it is up to them to respond to the market to do so. And anyway, the original family no longer has any part in Maison Goyard, whilst LV, Prada, Versace (and other brands that have sunk into 'oblivion') still maintain a strong presence of the original family, so I don't see how that holds a bearing.