Goyard on Men *pics*

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Posh, i like your Goyard! Is that a travel wallet? Mind to show the interior?
  3. Very nice wallet
  4. I have a question about the customization. I've seen some bags with some nice work & I definitely want something more than stripes or initials. Where or who is doing the really cool work ? Like the HUGE SD on Mr. Doonan's or skulls .
  5. Great wallet, Posh. Would love to see how it looks opened. Would you mind posting a pic?
  6. Looking forward to posting my picture...
  7. post now think later.....
  8. Have to hit ten posts and five days first...
  9. You ROCK that bag! You go hot stuff! :biggrin: Love it! Wear in great health and enjoy!!!!
  10. 2010-09-16-00-20-50.jpg
  11. I love love love this thread. Is that Simon? I was told that they will custom make pieces for him but that is it. I tried having my handles on my last bag changed out for red, IE Simon's bag, and Goyard said they don't do special orders? I am very confused because that isn't what I was told when in Paris. C'est La Vie!:cloud9::cloud9:
  12. how about burgendy color for men's wallet?
  13. It's one of my favorite colours Goyard makes! Go for it!
  14. Thanks, alterego.
  15. @Koub is that a custom made bag?? i was just wondering how much more do we have to pay for custom making a bag