Goyard on Men *pics*

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  1. It is on the small strip.

  2. Oh the Grand Bleu. I do think MM works great, and I am deciding if I should get a black/black or burgundy.

    I was going to get GM years ago for a daily bag, but the closure kind of gets under my skin. I went for District GM from Vuitton instead. I just have a soft spot for magnetic closures.
  3. Thanks alot Alexis.G
  4. I'm stuck on what color to get in the Senat GM, I'm liking the blue and orange and black, can someone help me

  5. All are nice. :smile: ! Depends what u wear daily. Orange is a brave choice and it will makes u stand out!
    I have a green one - love it!
  6. The light blue and black are both nice and safe. I'm sure you can pull off the orange too but it might not be as versatile as the other two colors.
  7. donbleek.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/KEVINHARTGOYARD.bmp
  8. Just got the Grand Bleu GM in black recently, love it, just worry I'm going to get jumped...

  9. Goyard is always an excellent choice.

    If you do not mind, however, might I ask you what the current pricing for Grand Bleu MM/GM is? This will save me a call to the store, and pm me if you so prefer.
  10. Believe it is still ~3500USD
  11. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1447983488.720961.jpg

    After a long period of consideration, finally got my first Goyard item in burgundy. Though I prefer its to be more hardy like comores (which I didn't choose becos of lack of body strap), It's still a really practical bag.
  12. Nice color!
  13. I would love me a Goyard one day!
  14. Bump. Would love to see new pics here :amuse:
  15. Out shopping on the weekend with my St Louis GM in black/tan...

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