Goyard on Men *pics*

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    I just wanted a thread where we can appreciate guys carrying Goyards. Please post your pics here.

    Green is Saint Louis PM (am not sure) Blue is Urbaine.
    Goyard II.jpg Goyard Man 2.JPG
  2. Man with Black Saint Louis GM
    Men Goyard Saint Louis.jpg
  3. Man with Black Ambassade
    Goyard Ambassade.jpg
  4. Great idea for a thread :tup:
  5. Thanks, I thought it would be nice to showcase the Men who love Goyard. Here's another with an Orange Saint Louis GM.
    gareth lindsay Goyard Man 2.1.JPG
  6. Guy with Black Ambassade.
    Goyard Man 5.2.jpg
  7. Guy with Black Saint Louis Tote GM.
    Goyard Man 1.1.JPG
  8. I was so happy to come back to TPF and find a GOYARD forum! I was even more happy to find this thread! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE GOYARD. Thanks and keep the great pictures coming. It's giving me a LOT of inspiration!
  9. WOW I love this thread! I'll be adding some pictures of my personal favoite Goyard-carrier, Simon Doonan.

    All photos from the thread Celebrities LOVE their Goyards




  10. I guess Simon is carrying a personalized Urbaine and agenda as well as an Ambassade with red handles in the last pic. Pretty cool!:nuts:
  11. I love Simon! And the SD on his goodies is very cute!
  12. Luv Mr. D! annalcg, great pics!
  13. Great pics! Thanks for Sharing!
  14. Love this thread! Keep 'em coming!

    omg, we have the same puffer jacket:

  15. Is it Moncler?