Goyard no longer at the Barney's website?

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  1. I am so sad about that! I was going to buy a tote there and have it shipped to my place to avoid the tax, but it looks like now I have to go into the store and pay tax! :sad:
  2. I noticed that too. What happened?
  3. I just called Goyard in SF and asked WTF? So, the skinny I got is as follows: Apparently Barneys.com offered some Goyard at less than retail --they had a SALE! (or something like it, that included Goyard). In the interest of protecting their very valuable brand--Goyard suspended Barney's online selling abilities. You can still purchase Goyard from Barney's (for now) but, there is not, at this time, any online retailer selling Goyard bags.

    The SA at Goyard- SF told me that you can call any of the stores for assistance and that they would send you pics of any bags you were interested in (and couldn't see on the website). I told him that might not be the smartest business model--how can I fall in love with a bag (enough to ask about it) if I've never seen it? He agreed but said...and I love this. That Goyard, being a French company, just doesn't really believe in online sales.

    Ah, the French. How I love them!

    Hope some of this A.) makes sense and B.) helps!
  4. ^ so stupid...
  5. So are Goyard's like LV and never go on sale?
  6. They had a sale and didn't tell me? How unfortunate!
  7. Yeah, Goyard is a high end label and they don't go on sale (just like LV) EVER! Which is why they were so mad at Barneys.com (understandable). Sucks for our convenience but, good label management.
  8. OMG.


    There was a GOYARD... SALE?!

    And I didn't know about it?!

    Now I missed the sale AND Barney's online doesn't stock Goyard anymore?!

  9. I don't understand what an in-store sale has to do w/ online sales... I guess Goyard is just mad and this is their punishment for Barney's? Like a time-out?
  10. No, it wasn't in-store. They offered a Goyard bag for less than retail online only and Goyard snatched that right away. You can still find the bags instore.

    But, man! That sucks! A chance to snag a Goyard bag on the "cheap"! Dang it!
  11. that sucks i cant fall inlove with a bag i dont see :sad:
  12. i was wondering about this too. thanks for the info A-T-G. it's a good thing i can go to BNY but not so good that i can't lust after goyard online!