Goyard minaudiere clutch is here!

  1. Finally, after two months waiting, I got my Minaudiere clutch. I pre-paid a full amount deposit at the boutique in San Francisco. Black color and yellow interior is $3530 plus tax. It also comes in a red inside which is a special edition. Other color price is higher as usual. It comes with its own serial number and date. FYI, it is a bit smaller and thicker than the old version of Louis Vuitton Petite Malle. Also, I got a “Rolex Green” box instead of the signature brown box. lol
    EB9AC5CC-D701-44F0-9B9F-5E2348E28997.jpeg 5A57F25C-704A-4D5F-AFDE-C24DE417C70B.jpeg 2F79A77E-C2BA-4135-99FC-BDC4D4C6CA91.jpeg A5B3440A-B3A2-40D3-B347-DDF544889745.jpeg C48BFFE3-F9E9-47E7-9694-4EBC7E8D55F3.jpeg 1C725C79-DADF-44D1-8569-0A2ABC3B3D32.jpeg
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  2. Lucky you — it’s fabulous!!
  3. Beautiful!
  4. Love this! Congrats
  5. Congrats! So what can you fit?
  6. Swoon! Congrats, such a beauty!!!
  7. Absolutely stunning!
  8. I must have this bag! Real life photos has me sold
  9. Yes I’d love to know !!