Goyard Milan (new store)

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  2. omg really?! I live in Milan!!
  3. Hope amsterdam is next :smile:
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  4. Me too, but I'm afraid Germany and Spain are first.
  5. if it is germany i hope it is cologne or dusseldorf, i will be there a few times a year only for goyard :smile:
  6. wow yaass closes to mee!!
  7. Düsseldorf would be great!
  8. The set of trunks for the Milan store, absolute perfection! (source: Instagram)
    Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 14.53.44.png
  9. what are the prices of the smaller st louis tote in milan?
  10. how much percentage is the VAT in italy?
  11. VAT is 22% in Italy.
  12. Hello girls, I've just bought my first Goyard PM in Milan, The prices is 825 Euro. Hope this can help you :smile:
  13. Hello , I've just bought my first Goyard PM in Milan, Price is 825 Euro. Hope this can help you :smile:
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  14. thanks!
  15. Hi, lovelies! :wave: With luck, I'll be in Milan for one day in October, and I'd really appreciate it if you have an SA in the Milan Maison Goyard you can recommend so that I can contact him or her by e-mail, please.
    TIA! :flowers:
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