Goyard Mens Wallet Question

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  1. Hello everyone! I have some questions on men's wallet.

    I have been trying to get more information but it is just so hard to find online or get a hold of a person when I call.

    Could anyone advise on the price of the men's wallet? I am interested in the Victoire wallet.

    Thank you!
  2. It’s expensive. In the U.S, While shopping on 5th Ave, The St. Pierre was $740 and that’s much smaller. The Victoire is probably over $1,000. Also depends if you are doing the classic black/brown canvas or a special color. The St. Pierre I was looking at was a Navy Blue which they consider to be a special color. I went to Louis Vuitton and purchased an all leather Pocket Organizer for $385. I didnt see any justification to spend double the price of an all leather LV wallet for a canvas wallet just because it’s Goyard. Goyard canvas fades rather quickly and the leather inside is very stiff. Was not at all impressed.
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