Goyard lovers - personalization??

  1. Hey ladies. I am thinking about getting my black goyard st. louis tote personalized with some stripes. I've exhausted my mind (and the internet) for ideas, and still i have come up blank. I want more than the ordinary race stripes, but I can't think of anything. I would love to have some ideas (pictures???:yahoo:) of what you have seen or have had done.

  2. No replies....:crybaby:

    I did find some pictures by doing a google search. I saw some very strange personalization. Does goyard paint anything you want or do they only do certain designs? Is there any way a bag can be fake if it has been personalized? Surely the fakers haven't got that talented!
  3. I'm sure I've seen monograms in the middle of the stripes. You can get stripes that go diagonally in the corner too, I saw this in a japanese magazine recently. There's also a painted crown, but that seems to be reserved for royalty.

    I would love my initials painted, and I'm not quite sure if there is a family crest on my husband's side. I might choose some historic colors.
  4. Did you plan to post a picture or a URL with that showing me what you saw in a japanese magazine? I'm dying to see it! I want something really unique. That's what I like about goyard, it's not what everyone else is carrying. The fact that you can have it personalized makes it more special. :wlae: