Goyard Las Vegas rumor...

  1. This past weekend I was in Vegas and the SA at Barneys told me that Goyard was opening a boutique inside the Wynn/Encore casino in Aug/Sept. Another SA at Louis Vuitton at the Wynn told me the same thing but didnt mention the date. Las Vegas seems to be a perfect location for them. Hopefully in the coming months somebody can officially confirm this.
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  2. I guess we will just have to wait and see. I did wonder how long it would take Goyard management to realize how much money flows through Vegas. Unfortunately, all this means is that there will be more price increases because one has to pay for expansions somehow.
  3. oh boy - I am in trouble if this is the case. It actually makes sense, the Wynn/Encore is building now a 3rd tower and there will be another esplanade for shops - when I was there earlier this year, Saint Laurent just opened there, and I saw signs on boarded space for high end jewelry stores. At the same time though, I am surprised Goyard would want to go en masse as it made them even more ultra exclusive being literally the only luxury brand not in Vegas....

    Thanks for the intel!
  4. Awesome news! I hope it's true. I always wondered why they were not in Vegas since it's the perfect market for luxury brands.
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  5. Omg! I hope this is true. I travel once a year to Vegas for work and always stay at Encore. I will be so thrilled to have a Goyard in the hotel!!
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  6. are there any updates on this? does anyone know if it's still opening?
  7. I asked an Goyard SA a few months before I went to LV . She was a bit shocked that I even asked. She said no, Goyard would not open one there and that it would not be as exclusive as it is now. But who knows. .
  8. just got back from LV. went to check out the new Wynn Plaza shops, its amazing. anyways i ask one of the SA at a retail shop what happen to Goyard?, he said it was suppose to be in the new wynn expansion but last minute it fell through. =(