Goyard Inventory

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  1. Hi friends! I'm heading to Toulouse, France in a couple weeks for a work trip, and was debating swinging by Paris for the weekend to try to buy a Belvedere 2 at the amazing European price. I tried calling one of the Goyard locations in Paris (the standalone store), and they said that they cannot give out any inventory information by phone and that I would have to come in person to ask any questions.

    Has that been anyone else's experience when speaking with the Paris standalone location? I've certainly had no issues getting inventory information from any locations in the United States, where I live.

    The problem is that if I fly to Paris, it would be for the sole reason of buying the Belvedere, so without knowing whether one was in stock or not (and given how often they are sold out), it's kind of a risky proposal.
  2. Yes they don't reveal stock inventory
    You just have to try all stores
  3. You could try to do a distant order and pick it up at the France location? They do have two in Paris that are relatively close to each other and you may have better luck paying for it now and picking it up there. I’ve asked via Goyard’s site for distant sale as I will be going there next month and they would be more than happy to sell it to you via bank transfer and they can have it ready for you to pick up at the Paris location(s).
  4. Ah, thank you for the suggestion, but I tried placing a distant sale order and they said they were out of Belevderes...
  5. No way! That seems really strange, maybe they had ran out of inventory when you checked. But usually Goyard receives two shipments per month.
    I believe today Beverly Hills received Claire Voie in Pink and some kind of bably Blue as a limited color, and Saint Leger in Green. My SA was really trying to see if I wanted one. Hopefully you can try to contact the other Goyard location in Paris, as they are roughly a few minutes apart.