Goyard-Interntational shipping?

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  1. I live in US. I just got this email from Goyard. Hope it helps a little. :biggrin:

    Dear Madam,

    We would like to thank you for your interest in Goyard, as well as for your loyalty, and are pleased to inform you that we could, with the greatest pleasure, proceed with the requested order, but have to inform you that we do not have the requested navy available at the moment in our Boutique in Paris. The large version, as well as the medium size, should be delivered by late October, beginning of November…the Saint Louis is proposed at the price of 485euros, excluded taxes, and UPS, at the time the parcel is delivered, will require customs and shipment fees, in an estimated proportion of 200euros, more or less. We could consequently suggest to get the large version in red, burgundy, yellow or green, available at the moment.


    We would be pleased to process an order for one Saint Louis tote bag, in its small size (PM) and in our black Goyardine canvas and black leather finish, personalized according the following specification :
    · 3 colored stripes, 1.5 cm each, centered vertically on the bag, from left to right : purple/white/purple
    · Stripes will be interrupted under the handles attaches, to insert the initials XXX in our classic Style font, medium size, without dot, painted in purple with white shadow.
    The personalization lead time would be around 6 weeks after confirmation of your order.

    The total export price (fully de-taxed) for this piece would be 485 € (for the bag) + 240 € (for the personalization), so 725 € ; please note that this price does not include any shipping fee neither any Singaporean custom duties, that would have to be paid directly to our carrier UPS, upon delivery.
  3. has anyone actually ordered from Paris and have it shipped here to US ? can you please gave us how much exactly you have save compared to just ordering the bag here in the US ? particularly St.Louis pm ( no personalization ) TIA:smile:
  4. I am curious too if anyone actually ordered, especially from Canada
    ANyone? I despise UPS and their rediculous brokerage fees, but if its the only way to get it...and i really really want a St.Louis....
  5. Yes they do UPS. They ship collect though or if you have an account with any major courier company like Fedex and DHL they can ship using these companies but it's always collect. Shipping company bills you together with the custom duties and taxes charges.
  6. Cost of St. Louis PM is 480euro that is their export price. However you will have to pay customs duties and taxes upon delivery which cost about the same if buying it there with taxes of 19.60% plus the shipping charge from Paris to Philippines by UPS. It ends up more expensive.
  7. I am not sure if they have changed,but when I ordered from London early this year, they shipped via DHL,and Goyard collected my shipping fee together with the cost of bag.

    I just have to pay our local custom tax and handling fee to DHL when they delivered.

    I understand that Paris is different, they use UPS and ship collect.
  8. Does Goyard London ship international as well? What are the price difference from Paris? Like for St. Louis PM, GM and Hardy PM? Can you order thru email like you can in Goyard Paris? Any email address? Thanks!
  9. Yes, you can order thru email from Goyard London.

    email: london@goyard.com
  10. is there any price differencer between london and paris? which is better?
  11. I think Euro is better than pound at this moment
  12. I will order one Ambassade from paris then ship to Canada and I think the price different is around USD 300 dollars
  13. Though Euro is weaker now, you also have to consider the slight difference in cost of items,the difference in shipping fee, and most of all the stock availability.

    Very often, after detailed calculations, the difference is minimal, and sometimes Paris may not have the colors you want, and have to wait for weeks/months for the new stocks.
  14. Ok .... After reading this, I am not sure if I know if it is cheaper to buy from London or Paris and have it shipped to US (NY state) or just buy in the US... does anyone know?
  15. ?