Goyard-Interntational shipping?

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  1. Mette, you seem to have a lot of knowledge about ordering from the Paris store and having them ship to the US! Do you think it would save me money if I ordered a St. Louis GM from Paris and had them ship it here, even with shipping and customs fees? I don't want to go through the hassle if it ends up being more or about even, but if I can save a couple hundred dollars then I don't mind :smile: thanks!!!
  2. Hi sara, I am not in the US, so I am not sure whether it's going to be a better move to purchase in the US or purchase from Paris or London and have it shipped. I don't know about customs fees and taxes in the US - sorry!
  3. Sit down and see which one will be the cheapest for you.

    Order from Frisco or Barneys you will have to pay taxs and shipping because you are in Cali??

    London = Pound, shipping, Customs

    Paris = Euro, Shipping, Customs

    Also, which Credit Card has the best exchange rate for you too.

    You may get lucky and not have to pay any customs fees either.
  4. I agree with MyMyMy's analysis. The only other thing that I considered when deciding to order was that if there were a problem with the bag (wrong bag sent or a defect of some kind) that it would be much easier to deal with a US store than on overseas location.
  5. So if I order from Paris/London (and live in Sweden, inside of EU) I don't need to pay any customs?
  6. MyMyMy and cph706, I totally agree with both of you! I know that I would definitely have to pay close to 10% for tax if I purchased from Barneys or the SF boutique. Paris quoted me 570 euros for the bag + approximately 160 euros in shipping/customs fees. I think I would save a couple hundred dollars if I purchase from the Paris boutique. I'm hoping they would be willing to send me a photo of the actual bag I was receiving to avoid any return/defect shenanigans! MyMyMy, would it even be possible for me not to have to pay customs??
  7. I am not sure at all. I have recieved packages from Japan, UK and other countries and have never had to pay anything out of pocket. I just had to pay the origional shipping costs. It may just be the luck of the draw???
  8. Does anyone know how much would it cost if i order St. Louis PM in Paris then have it shipped in the Philippines?

  9. i always thought hk store was still open and i got excited because i'm visiting a friend in HK in august but after reading i was told that they closed last year *tear*

    i live in korea, so we do have a location but when i called they only had it in orange.

    So I thought about having it shipped to korea but i remember that korea is notorious for having high custom taxes from europe (not sure why its strange)

    but then i remembered that a friend of mine is going back to london england for a visit home and coming back 2 weeks later.

    So my question is... if i order it, pay it with my canadian credit card, and my friend went to pick it up and left the country, would i be exempted from the VAT? or no because a friend of mine picking up is English?

  10. sara, not sure if the bag has already been bought, but if you order from Bergdorf and have it shipped to Cali you won't be charged sales tax.

  11. You would probably have to pay the entire amount and not get a tax refund because your friend is leaving the UK with a British passport.

    I have a friend who has argued that while she is British, she is currently living abroad long-term and has had customs stamp the form. BUT I believe normally you have to be a foreigner.
  12. I agree! I made the same inquiry, a resident cannot claim for the detax bec. it's only extended to tourists.
  13. does anyone know the shipping to Canada if i order from Paris? =)
  14. does anyone know how much the shipping and custom costs from Paris to US?
  15. Shipping will depend on the size, weight and cost of the item.

    Customs fees will depend on the cost of the item.

    Neither are flat fees.