Goyard-Interntational shipping?

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  1. erm.. i email them to send me pictures of St Louis in white, light blue and red.
    but no reply.
  2. http://item.rakuten.co.jp/prime-brandshopping/c/0000000849/

    You may want to browse through Japanese sites,such as the above?

    I find both Goyard Paris and London quite prompt in replying to my emails so far.
  3. ya they are quite prompt in reply.. till i ask for the photos... maybe they thought i wan to fake their bags? lol
  4. End Feb?! That's really late! Oh no. No Goyard during CNY for you then? :P
    Yeah they're probably reluctant to give photos. If you want pics of the colours available, perhaps you can check this out:
  5. I just returned from Hong Kong in hopes of purchasing a St Louis and there had been Goyard locations at the Peninsula Hotel and Harvey Nichols but they are no longer there. I asked repeatedly around and there are no stores selling Goyard. However, I did peek into those Milan Station stores, which sells used/new bags and they did have a few Goyards but the selection is sparse. I was tempted by a St Louis, which was used but in terrific condition and it came to around 5500 HK so you do save a little but you lose the excitement of purchasing a new one so despite the temptation, I resisted and will hold out!
  6. i know abt this website.. which is how i know abt goyard :biggrin:

    i want to view/compare the real bags with diff colours. thanks!
  7. pupee, maybe u can go to the shop at Adelphi. they have a couple of st louis pm there. :nuts:
  8. Yes,Goyard is no longer available in HK due to disputes between Goyard and the HK distributor.

    It's better to order a brand new one from Goyard Paris or London than paying HKD5500 for a used one.
  9. Hi everyone :smile: I'm thinking about purchasing a St Louis tote from the Paris/London store and have it shipped to where I live (Sweden, which is also in Europe). Will I have to pay custom fees etc? Have someone here ordered from these stores?
  10. It will be Sweden that decides whether you have to pay customs fees. Perhaps check this site here for more information - http://www.tullverket.se/

    I have ordered from Paris a few times and I've always had to pay customs tax when my goods have arrived.
  11. but don't you both live in EU-countries? there should be no customs fees and taxes within the EU
  12. No, I am not in the EU. While I spend time in the EU most years, my goods have always been delivered outside the EU.
  13. Has any U.S residents purchase a Goyard bag from London store? I wonder if the London store will ever ship to the U.S? Can anyone confirm?
  14. UPS is killer !

    I really want to get in on the Goyard action, but it's been so difficult since it was pulled from Holts a few years ago. :sad:
  15. You can send the store an email to confirm whether they will ship to the US. I think I remember reading that they will ship to the US.