Goyard-Interntational shipping?

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  1. BG might ship internationally, I know they ship to Canada on their website. They use FedEx if that helps.
  2. Almost forgot that I've started this thread.:shame:

    Paris store has replied that shipping by UPS to S'pore is around Euro 120-140. US store did not state the estimated shipping fee,just mentioned that the fee and custom duty/tax to be paid directly to UPS.

    The steep fee plus addtional 7% GST when the item arrived...not sure if it's worth to pay so much extra to get a bag that is Euro 430???
  3. ^^ The shipping is really steep. I bought from Balenciaga Paris before, and the shipping for bags inclusive of boxes etc (totalling about 8 kg) was only 70 Euros! They used DHL.

    From what I understand, Goyard bags do not come in boxes and the bags are lightweight???

  4. 70 Euros is really cheap,whether based on actual weight or volumetric weight(since it comes with box)

    I did a rough caculation at UPS site, even based on estimated weight of 2kg(assuming no boxes), the shipping fee is already quite high.

    Wonder how's London's shipping fee compared to Paris?
  5. I was playing around with the UPS site for a shipment from Paris to US. Does the quoted price include duties as well? Just wondering!
  6. My understanding is that duty is not included. Perhaps it's something worth checking with UPS.
  7. The St. Louis is £ 540 in all colors in PM including vat, once shipped to you we will deduct 17% . the shipping cost to Singapore is £ 85.

    anyone frm SG is ordering from London?

  8. Whoops sorry! I just quoted you on the other thread without seeing this! So London is cheaper? Euro is 2 to 1sgd. Whereas GBP is 2.26 to 1sgd (acc to yahoofinance haha)
    I'm thinking of either ordering or making a trip to HongKong in May to get it. What about you?;)
  9. still choosing the colour! haha... cant make up my mind. what abt you? which colour are u buying?
  10. I think Hong Kong doesn't sell Goyard anymore.

    I wanted to order the St Louis PM in Burgundy!
  11. Really?! But its still listed on their website!
    I want the St Louis PM in burgundy too!

    Pupee> How about orange? I think its gorgeous. Or red!

    My eyes strayed as I walked past the Chanel store today. So I may have to hold off the Goyard purchase for a while. :sweatdrop:
    Are you guys ordering? Multi-shipment discount!:P
  12. I'm considering btw white, red and light blue. not in a rush
    cos i just bought a balenciaga bag :graucho:
  13. St Louis PM is now EUR485 (without tax),EUR55 increase!
  14. WHAT! :shocked:
    Well at least the increase isn't like Chanel's or Hermes'.
    What about you, vang? Ordering? :smile:

  15. I wanted to order from Paris, but they still don't have stocks of Burgundy until End Feb or Early March.They last told me stocks come in Mid Jan.

    I want it before Chinese New Year. :smile: