Goyard in White

  1. I went to Goyard in SF this weekend and fell in love with the Jeanne PM. I would love to get it in white but I was wondering how durable/practical that color would be? Does anyone have anything from Goyard in white? The SA's said it's actually easy to keep clean.
    Also, I'd love to hear about any of your experiences with Goyard. This would be my first purchase from them. :flowers:
  2. I heard that they're really easy to clean. Just soap and water. Maybe a fine brush. I've been wanting to get one too. But I want the Croisiere 35. You can check out http://thebaghag.blogspot.com She has a several Goyard, one of them being a personalized white Croisiere 35. See you here in SJ next month!!
  3. Thanks Pnay! :flowers: I love the Croisiere 35 as well!!! I like all the colors but I just think the white is so pretty. :love: And it would go with everything. See you in SJ!!!
  4. I have a white Goyard tote. The bag itself is very durable, but the edging on the leather trim is not. The "paint" on my bag is cracking and yellowing. I don't mind that much since I like the well-used look, but it is something to be aware of. I do think my Vuittons have much better quality.

  5. Thanks Ryan! That is good to know...
  6. I have a white Fudji hobo, a black croisierre 35, a black w/tan Fudji hobo & a burgundy St. Louise PM tote. I love them all. They are a change from using my brown LV mono & damier bags. Colorful and fun and quite durable. The white is easy to take care of but I am still very careful with it. I got the hobo in the white because I didn't want to have to use my hands to hold it. I highly recommend Goyard.
  7. Thanks Golden! I love the Burgundy as well. :love:Now I am thinking I might get the black or red...might be better for fall? The SA's at Goyard are so nice I feel like I need to get something as I go there all the time to drool over their bags. :lol:
  8. Just wanted to post a pic of the card case I got at Goyard today. :love:
  9. How many cards fit in?
  10. It has 4 pockets plus the center. I have about seven cards in it and cash folded in the center.:flowers:
  11. So cute, Crochetbella! I love the 'red'!! Congrats and thank you for sharing the picture with us.
  12. Thanks Golden! :flowers:
  13. thank you! :idea: