Goyard in Shanghai or HK?

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  1. Is there any place in Shanghai or Hong Kong where I can buy a Goyard?

  2. Google tells me there is a Goyard in Harvey Nichols in HK.
    Good luck!
  3. Hello,
    If you go to Goyard.com they have locations all around the world! Good Luck!
  4. Goyard.com shows that it has stores only in Japan and Korea. I was wondering if there is any department store in Shanghai or HK (like their version of NM or Barney's) that carry Goyard....
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    ShilohNouvel, I'm almost certain there's not one in Shanghai, I also remembered there is one in Harvey Nichols Hong Kong.. I know that because some of my friends got their Goyards either in Hong Kong or in Japan.
  6. If it isn't on the site, it isn't an authorized boutique from my understanding.

    There used to be one or two in HK, but they are long since gone.
  7. i have asked the Paris flagship if they have any plans of reopening the store in HK, but sadly, they told me they won't open until they have fixed the situation. :tdown: No Goyard in Harvey Nichols either.

    ...you can however visit Milan Station etc. but nothing beats the joy of getting your bag from the store itself.:biggrin:
  8. ita!!!:d
  9. Was in both cities earlier this month I personally didn't see any Goyard shop in shops while I was there. I heard the shop at the Peninsula in HK closed last year.
  10. I was googling Yahoo HK, and came upon an article; the Goyard was introduced by Harvey Nichols back in 2004 if I remembered correctly, then about two years later Goyard moved to The Peninsula (with better selections and bigger store), but it was closed in 2009, due to some franchising & management problems... but rumor has it that it should be reopening soon in Hong Kong, also one in mainland China :smile:
  11. Goyard at the Peninsula HK closed already. But I heard they will open another shop sometime this year. Just don't know where yet.
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    Apparently the shop space at the Peninsula has been occupied by another store? So I would have to say that reopening would probably be unlikely...
  13. Yes, they will be reopening in a different space.
  14. Oh my God really? How did HK's price compare to Paris'?
  15. If I'm not mistaken the price in Paris for a ST. LOUIS GM would be around 590 euros. A Fidji would be around 555 euros for the Black/Tan and 717 euros for the Marine Blue...

    Maybe someone who lives in Paris can confirm the price? But am sure it's a whole lot cheaper when you get it in Paris compared to U.S.