Goyard in Milan, Italy...

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  1. So I just returned from a trip to Milan, Italy, and was quite literally SHOCKED that the only two Goyards that I spotted in the city were my mother's and my own.

    Obviously I had to share this with you all ;) but I was really almost confused. Milan is an extremely fashionable city, so I was wondering if any of you could shed some light on this interesting case. Perhaps Goyard is not so popular in Milan, or Italy in general? I noticed mostly LV and Prada bags, with a few Bals thrown in for good measure. Or could it be that leather is more prized, leading to less of Goyard's unique linen, cotton, and hemp mixture?

    Any and all opinions appreciated!
    Ah and by the way, I ADORED the city. It was so ah-mazing, despite the chilliness. But there were still so many fashionable citizens strolling about as if it was summer! Thanks :biggrin:
  2. Nah... I'm every summer in italy and I mostly see italian designs - except L.V on the streets.

    Bal. is french but made in italy and very popular. And I would say that Goyard is rare overall... the only goyard I ever saw where those in the boutique and on tpf....
  3. Italian prefer Dolce and Prada cause it's cheaper.
    You can spot tons of fake LV too.
    And yes, they don't know at all goyard.

    But i was thinking, even in paris only mums have goyard...
  4. Hmmm... For some reason I thought Balenciaga was Spanish?
  5. Yea.. when i was in italy in november, i saw lots of fake LVs. Which is rather strange. LV's rather affordable isnt it?

    I saw no goyard, is there even a goyard store in Milan?
  6. I think b/c Goyard is rare
  7. Cristobal Balenciaga was spanish , moved after the war with his brand to Paris , but the company is owned by Printemps Pinault Redoute now , who is a french company
  8. to people who are used to Hermès and Chanel pricing it is, not to the real world average person (e.g. they find ~70€ expensive already)
  9. Thanks for contributing, everyone! I just found it rather interesting :biggrin: Ah, well I suppose that if I decide to study abroad in Milan I'll be the only Goyard girl, hehe.
  10. When I was in Milan too I did not see any goyard at all! All Lv and One Givenchy..and Gucci...Paris I think I only saw one or two Goyards. Glad you had a good time in Milan you must of been freezing!!
  11. This is what we call 'exclusivity', isn't it???
  12. when i was there i didn't see any Goyard either! i guess they stick to the Italian brands and the well-known brands like LV.
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