Goyard in light grey?!? Is this a new colour?

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  1. Oh wow....very cool. Thanks!
  2. I have it too! We are twins!!!:biggrin:I love the weight compared to an all leather bag!! Have been using it everyday!!:P
  3. yeah- i love having a bag twin. congratulations and glad you are loving your bag.

    actually, i love my tote so much that when i brought my gray in for personalization i picked up a navy gm and a black belvedere mm. they are so light weight and fun i didn't want to be without it.
  4. :biggrin:Spoken like a true purse lover!!!:PI think I too will have the same problem when I send my bag into personalization!
  5. thank you, that is such a nice complement.
  6. I saw this colour in a mens apm wallet today at Goyard. It was really nice looking, and I had a hard time to choose between black or grey. I think the price was 105.000 yen.
  7. I saw grey st louis when i was in paris last month.
    But they told me they only have it for a smaller size for now.

    The SA told me its nice to have an additional color to goyard's bag after some time.
    Cant agree with her more! : )
  8. I got my gray Sac Hary PM tote a few weeks ago through a friend who got it from Paris. Will post pics in the morning.:smile:
  9. Here's my sac hardy pm in the new gray color. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370976726.547593.jpg
  10. does anyone know whether the grey is considered a 'special' or a 'basic' colour?
    also are they doing card holders in the grey?

    Thanks :biggrin:

  11. I believe it is considered a basic color. When they first rolled it out it was limited bag choices like Sac Hardy and St. Louis but I'm not sure about now. Perhaps slowly making it's way throughout the whole collection.
  12. It' s a special color in that it costs more. The basic colors are black/black, black/tan, and red.

  13. I'm waiting on my belvedere to be personalized. It was more than my daughter who bought the same bag, but in the black w/ tan. If I'm remembering correctly I think it's about $800 more.

  14. Hi! Jessdressed, do you know the price in euro?
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